Is it possible to mend/repair a jelly toy?

Keramie Keramie
I recently bought a new rabbit, made of translucent blue jelly. It's a super cute toy and I'm depressed to report what happened today. I keep my toys in a simple box with a slip off lid, sitting on the coffee table in my room. Well my shih-tzu outsmarted the box and got my rabbit. Apparently they're his favorite of my toys because this is the third one he has ruined. All have been made of jelly. He chewed off both ears. Nothing else on the toy is damaged and it still functions properly. Last time this happened, I melted the ears back on but they looked pretty gruesome, which doesn't exactly put anyone in the mood. These poor rabbits... That one still functions but it seems like a dirty little secret, so now I guess I have no rabbits for couples play unless I can make this one look close to normal.
I already know that direct flame contact is out of the question as it turns the jelly black, and using hot metal doesn't melt it very well. Has this happened to anyone else? And how did you salvage it? I don't want to lose the $50 that I just put into this toy.
Thanks for any help.
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Ghost Ghost
Um... if you really want to repair a jelly (PVC) toy, the PVC needs to be melted and re-annealed: something you can't do outside a lab or manufacturing facility. By melting it in your home, with either flame or hot metal, you're actually causing oxidation of the material and making it worse, not to mention releasing toxic gas.
Stinkytofu10 Stinkytofu10
I would recommend putting your toybox somewhere high up so your shih-tzu can't reach it

Also, it's not safe to melt jelly by yourself unless you are in a very controlled environment with specific temperature and pressure. And what Elnoa said, toxic gas = bad for you and your shih-tzu.
Rory Rory
Sounds like shih-tzu need loving too!
Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
More than anything, you ought to either stop putting your toy box where your doggy can get to it, or get a sturdier box. Or both.

But yeah, the others have said, repairing a jelly toy on your own is pretty much un-doable.
(k)InkyIvy (k)InkyIvy
You'd be better off tossing the jelly toy and getting one made of higher-quality material.
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