Kegel far?

Zombirella Zombirella
I've never used these before so I have no idea. I have
these and am starting out using the single ball.....but how do I know if it's in there far enough without "losing" it?
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K101 K101
It can only go so far. You cannot actually lose anything in your vagina. It doesn't open into the rest of the body really, only into the uterus via your cervix and those balls ain't going in there! It may get pushed far inside, but it will not get "lost". With some relaxing, pushing and lube, you can get them out. Try squatting down. You can push them in just like a tampon without losing them. Just don't push until you feel pain as that would probably mean they're being pushed against your cervix and just like with anything, that can hurt. Just insert until you feel the stop. That will be your cervix and they won't go inside of it so there's no worries. You could feel your cervix with a finger to make you more comfortable knowing that you won't lose them.
Zombirella Zombirella
Thanks I know they won't go missing but I don't like the idea of the balls without the string or the idea of not being able to see the string outside of my body. I know lots of people use the loose balls but I'm just not comfortable with that or having to "fish" them out with my finger. Maybe sometime when I'm more comfortable and experienced with them.

I did have some cramping when I tried for the first time today so I must have hit against my cervix. I think I need to relax better.
Various Various
I know they couldn't get 'lost', but I still don't think I would be comfortable with anything that didn't have a string of some sort.
P'Gell P'Gell
Originally posted by Zombirella
I've never used these before so I have no idea. I have
these and am starting out using the single ball.....but how do I know if it's in there far enough without "losing" it? ...
Lube the top of the ball, the part that will start into your vagina. Gently insert the ball until it is right behind the muscle that holds your tampons in. It will feel comfortable and natural there. It kind of "settles" into place when it's in the right place. Kegel with the ball in, you should be able to feel the ball, but it should not hurt. I use balls with a retrieval string to help position them, also to move them a little for arousal (if that's what I'm wanting) then to remove them, of course.

With two ball Kegel balls, you do the exact same thing with the first ball and the second ball is usually more comfortable right at the vaginal opening, usually keeping the inner labial lips open. Don't try to shove the entire two ball toy into your body!

Good luck with your Kegels.

If you had cramping, you probably hit your cervix. Although, if you aren't relaxed, your vagina trying to "push" the ball out could even cause mild cramps. You may want to try with a "system" that has retrieval cords, and start with the one ball toy and move up from there. Personally, I like the two ball toys better, but I've had 3 kids and need Power Kegeling.
charletnarouh charletnarouh
I've heard that some people use a condom and put the balls in it before inserting them to make removal easier. But this just seems cumbersome to me. I know they can't go further than my cervix and I can get them out with a finger. One of the things I like about vaginal balls is that I can reposition them by using my internal muscles. I insert them as far as comfortable, then I stand up and let gravity do it's work and keep them in or, if necessary, pull them in further with my muscles and continue this practice until they're in a comfortable spot. If you insert a finger or two and clench down your muscles, you should be able to feel the point where the muscle constricts. You want the balls above the muscle since controlling that is what will keep them inside. Like others said, they definitely won't get lost. Since every woman's body is different, muscles may be shallower or deeper on different people, positioning of the balls will be different on different women. I think just knowing your body.
Zombirella Zombirella
Thanks ladies! I'm going to give them another try again and be more relaxed. I chose the bedroom kandi ones because they seem to be the smallest set that has one and two ball holders along with the different weighted balls.
SubmissiveFeminist SubmissiveFeminist
I hope you have good experiences with them, I hear they can be pretty amazing!
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