Spellbound stud curved jack, damaged (burn marks?!)

amenti amenti
I'm having some problems with mattinence and storage of my Spellbound stud curved jack.
I've been storing it next to plastic and silicone toys, but it's made of PVC so it should be fine right? wrong.
I pulled it out the other day and it has what looks like a blackish burn mark on the head as well as several small blackish marks throughout the toy. I've only used water and silicone lubes with this PVC toy, and none of my other toys show any sign of damage. It also has a slight chemical smell. I always wash it and everything else with warm water with anti-bactrial body wash/soap.
What happened?! And how can I prevent it from happening?
Please help, this was my fave vibrator.
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js250 js250
This sounds like a chemical reaction to a silicone product. I have had this happen as well and had to sterilize and lightly sand the dildo with a 2000 grit sandpaper and wipe it off thoroughly. Place the sanded area in boiling water for about 5-10 minutes and store this by itself in a box. The sanding does harm the finish so just do it on the 'burnt' area--it makes it safe for use again without damaging the rest of the toy. I do NOT know if this is the recommended means of repair, but it worked for me.....
Ansley Ansley
I'd toss it. It's under $25 so it wouldn't be horrible to replace, cost-wise.
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