What is the best anal plug?

Sir Fapsalot Sir Fapsalot
I want to get a new one but dont know where to start...
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humblepie humblepie
Do you know what size is best for you? If you have never tried anal play before, it is best to start small. I suggest that you go to the Anal Toys section of the site, refine it to just Plugs and the size range you're comfortable with, and organize the results to show the products by rating. Then you can check out reviews on products that have been well-received.

I can't recommend any smaller plugs myself (though I would suggest that you start with a silicone plug), but really no one will know what's best for you other than, well, you! I hope you find something that works, best of luck!
Vaginas Vaginas
this is my absolute favorite new thing. I just got it a while ago and I'm a beginner at anal play. it says it's medium but it's actually small and great for beginners. it's all silicone and really comfortable. doc johnson actually has an even smaller version if this is still too intimidating.
CaliGirl CaliGirl
Originally posted by Sir Fapsalot
I want to get a new one but dont know where to start...
I just recently started using plugs during the day and the only painful part was the base that stays out kept rubbing my ass cheeks raw. so I would say look at what is going to be staying out of you too.
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