Are you a virgin?

Moon20 Moon20
I am one and was wondering how many others on here are
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dm dm
No but I was until 19 and glad I waited.
Ava Ava
Originally posted by dm
No but I was until 19 and glad I waited.
same here.
babyrock babyrock
waited and happy.
cmm cmm
Lost mine at 17.
Hoshigetsu Hoshigetsu
Still a virgin, and I'll be turning 19 in January. I am waiting for the right person. I'm glad I got through high school and never lost my virginity. Can't say the same about a lot of my class.
pinkpottergirl pinkpottergirl
Nope, not for a while now. Two years or so and I feel no regret about it
matry matry
nope. my first time was when i was 14, with my boyfriend after we'd been together 5 months (and were together another year after that). i don't regret it at all, i had given it a lot of thought and i was personally mature enough at that age to know i was ready to do it.
Polly Tadlily Polly Tadlily
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