Bad batteries in product?

jmex83 jmex83
we just received one of our orders today and realized that one of the toys that had those little watch batteries in them actually was bad. it has the dusty looking powder on it, meaning that it has leaked. just wondering if this is warrant for a return/replacement (it was the free gift for the wireless bullet-so we don't want to be super picky, but my wife really wanted it lol). also, does this happen alot?
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Ansley Ansley
My suggestion is to buy a new battery and see if the toy still operates. If it doesn't, then send it back and we will replace it.
js250 js250
This happened on mine as well. I wiped the battery off and it worked just fine. I did end up getting new ones prior to using the bullet, however and replaced them. Also, it shown the positives up inside the bullet...but it is positive DOWN instead. I am putting this in my review for future reference.
jmex83 jmex83
thanks for the suggestions. my wife just replaced them, no big deal. she said that sometimes a bad batch gets mixed in if its sitting too long at the warehouse. the toy itself works though
True Pleasures True Pleasures
This happened to me with a bullet that came with a silicone toy. I'm not really big on bullets, so I just ditched it. Be careful with bad batteries. What comes out of them can corrode things and cause skin problems.
Zombirella Zombirella
If a new battery doesn't work then you should submit a ticket to send it back for an exchange.
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