Can the Pure Wand do it if penetration usually doesn't?

LinToxic LinToxic
Originally posted by Spiking Glue
It's extremely stimulating, due to many things, and while it is among my great favorite toys, and it does make me come like a wild monkey, I can't come *just* from it. It does, however, add astounding depth to my orgasms.
What do you use with it? Vibrator?
Lizzy Lizzy
It's a G spot stimulator. If you can orgasm through this location, it will be good.
Do emu Do emu
Why is this out of stock? I need it in my hands now.
Callisto Callisto
On the other side of the spectrum. If you can come from just penetration, I have before at least, could the pure wand do it too?
Wawers Wawers
Originally posted by Beautiful Dreamer
I've never been able to climax during sex, unless there is very heavy clitoral stimulation as well. Thanks for asking this question, I'm curious now as well!
Yeah I almost always cum off of my clit. When I have came from penetration it was that great.
Girly Juice Girly Juice
Using the Pure Wand has brought me the closest to G-spot orgasm I've ever gotten, but I haven't quite reached orgasm with it yet.

I find that I need less clitoral stimulation when I'm thrusting quickly with the PW, though. It produces true blended orgasms.
Itsnotabanana Itsnotabanana
Great review!
Septimus Septimus
Penetration is something that I've come to love and crave only over the last year or so.
Normally, I have to have some pretty strong stimulation on my clit in order to come, and that remains true with the Pure Wand.
But I can say that the penetration from the Pure Wand is better than anything else I've felt, and it's the closest I've ever come to coming without clit stimulation.
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