Did you ever have the "Sex Talk" ?

clix69 clix69
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How did you end up learning about sex? did you have your parents tell you? learn from schools? movies? or just wing it on your first time?
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Geogeo Geogeo
I don't really know actually.
cutiefairyprincess cutiefairyprincess
My parents have never even mentioned sex to me, so im still waiting for that talk
Willowe Willowe
Nope, never had any "sex talk" from my parents. Learned some things from friends and the internet and just winged the rest.
palindromic palindromic
My mother handed me a book. Yeah. But I had total access to the library and, later, to the internet. I was always pretty well-informed; I just had to take the initiative myself.
Twirls Twirls
I never really got a "talk" about it, no. I've asked my Mom if she could tell me what sex actually is, but I think I made her uncomfortable. So, internet for me!
Definitely no talk, learned through school though.
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