How often Should we use a Body Scrub ?

Simply sensual body scrub
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Winter always bring the driest part of our skin no matter how much you try to moisturize them . But we just can't resist soaking in a hot tub every now and then to soothe our body, senses and skin. We can go in a hot bath as often as we please but how often can we use a body scrub to maintain a soft moisturized skin ?
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Chilipepper Chilipepper
Body scrubs actually help remove the upper dead layer of skin so moisturizers can get to the fresher skin more easily (the scrubbing action also helps oil production in your skin). I used a scrub every other day followed by a lotion when I lived in the Northern US (quite dry climate) and never had dryness. Some friends used it every day - it just comes down to what's comfortable for your skin and your routine.
Badass Badass
I try to use mine daily.
Ryuson Ryuson
It really depends on your personal skin chemistry, if you're asking how often you should do it to maintain soft skin. If you have especially dry, flaky skin that often forms 'scales' it should be fine to do it every other day, but if you have easily irritated skin that is more oily than flaky you may want to stick to twice a week.

Now how often SHOULD we use a body scrub? I'm an advocate of not disturbing your skin's natural flora and fauna unless I have to. Because of this I scrub my arms every week, use acne face products, and wash my hands often. Often excessive oil/dryness is because you have disturbed your natural fauna with daily body wash, so I try not to wash daily with anything other than water. It's something that a lot of dermatologists debate, though.
sexykiss sexykiss
i use mine everyday
Cat E. Cat E.
I use my body scrub about once every two weeks.
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