opinions on male on male action during a mfm threesome. Both sexes answer...

2freaky4her 2freaky4her
A female friend wants to do a mfm threesome which I'm all fine with... But she wants to see me get sucked, penetrated by him or penetrate him. I love anal play and once warned up with large realistic feeling dildos but dont think I can take it with a man attached to it. What are your thoughts/opinions?
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Chirple Chirple
I just wouldn't do it. *shrug*
pasdechat pasdechat
Well, as a straight woman I understand the appeal of man-on-man, so I get where she's coming from (no pun intended). BUT I would really advise against doing anything you're uncomfortable with--particularly since this woman is a friend and a bad threesome experience could hurt that. Think about it, by all means, but don't feel pressured into it unless you are genuinely okay with it.
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