Perfect Pair?

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Perfect pair toothbrush
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I wonder if they will ocme out with girl and girl ones? Not that I want it but just saying!
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Elnoa Elnoa
If they think there is a market for it, they will.
Beck Beck
Surprised they do not just sell them separate so people can get them without having to say whether or on they want girl on girl, straight, or guy on guy.
DeliciousDrip DeliciousDrip
Hm, interesting question !
fifi fifi
Originally posted by Review It
I wonder if they will ocme out with girl and girl ones? Not that I want it but just saying!
Hm... Well, for instance a lesbian couple could buy two sets, keep the female brushes and give the pair of male brushes to a gay couple they are friends with? But yeah, being able to buy individual brushes would be nice.
Love Perpetua Love Perpetua
Yeah, they could also just sell girl toothbrushes and guy toothbrushes separately, so people could mix and match as they like.
wrecklesswords wrecklesswords
Oh those are cute!! I want the girl/girl ones iffff they ever make them/sell them. I think it'd be a cute gag gift for my girlfriend.
Princess-Kayla ♥ Princess-Kayla ♥
I think those are super cute. I'd buy them.
zeb zeb
I never buy it
kadytheredpanda kadytheredpanda
Interesting, but I'd personally never buy them even for gag gifts myself.
Dear Ruby Dear Ruby
I know it says perfect pair, but it would be awesome if they came out with individually wrapped of each gender - it would be a hit at parties
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