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Beeswax aromatherapy candle in tin review
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What scent would you like for them to offer instead since the scent of this candle doesnt seem to be going over well with others?
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Dear Ruby Dear Ruby
Not sure, perhaps something sweet like vanilla spice. Green apple? Rose? Anything but the one they offered? I am both allergic to and do not like Eucalyptus.
I stopped by our local sex shop recently and the whole place had the best vanilla smell. I was running all over sniffing like a dog trying to find out what it was. Finally asked & it turned out to be a massage candle. I usually have trouble finding candles that will actually scent a room, but that thing was powerful.

I think a mellow scent like vanilla or hazelnut has a much lower likelihood of bugging someone than a strongly herbal or floral scent. Personally, I can deal with herbal, but florals drive me crazy. I know others that are opposite. So, something semi-neutral like vanilla has my vote.
laceypanties laceypanties
black cherry!!
geliebt geliebt
Something holiday/halloween is always up my alley.
Otherwise, I know vanilla is always nice and goes over well.
Maxx Maxx
Something smoothe like the ocean or better yet, rain.
Sangsara Sangsara
I like warm soft round smells like amber and vanilla
Rory Rory
cookie dough or apple pie. Always like that home baking smell! It just makes me hot!
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