What is the weirdest story you have heard?

SAM1989 SAM1989
What is the weirdest story you have heard?
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hey steady hey steady
Are you stories based on real life experience or your fantasies? x
comatose-kitty comatose-kitty
My teacher's cop friend walked into a house because of a noise complaint (loud techno music) only to find a gay guy passed out with his butthole bleeding by a plunger with blood on the handle.
wrecklesswords wrecklesswords
My girlfriend's mother is an apartment manager for the elderly and disabled. One of the women swears up and down that one of her neighbors was stealing her vacuum cleaner and breaking it.

But they weren't using the windows or doors to break in and steal it.

They were coming in through the pipes of the kitchen sink. And because they were stealing it through the pipes, that's how it got broken.
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