What's your main source of sex-themed information?

Roz W Roz W
So, I'm on EF a lot, but most of what I learn from EF is pretty specific information, like when a new toy is coming out. I have a couple of sex-related books (mostly for BDSM), but I notice that I've been reading more and more blogs that deal with sex in some way (or I follow a lot of LGBT or gender blogs that tend to deal openly with sex, and now I read more kink blogs...)

What is your main source of sexy information? Blogs? Magazines? Porn? Blogs about porn?
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kendra30752 kendra30752
Nothing. I have my own imagination.
js250 js250
I read the forums on LPSG and here. I just ask here if I have any questions, though. Other than that I pretty much don't check out any other forums.
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