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If you are looking for a hardcore fuckfest, you might want to look elsewhere. This one has a story, and some atmosphere to the scenes within it. There are some haunting moments that will make you feel sad for Cherry, or thrilled in a couple of scenes.

Cherry 2 is a pretty decent movie and I do plan on watching it a couple of more times. I was just a little let down at how they had the movies set up. There was too much personal drama and not enough sex. Cherry 2 would be a good movie for those who like porn with a decent plot. You get two copies of the move, you get a regular DVD, and a Blu-ray, which is pretty awesome!

Do you like lesbians? Do you like watching lesbians get it on? If you answered yes, or maybe, to these questions then Cherry 2 is right up your alley. This film is an all girl on girl film that is 90% sex and 10% confusing. If you are looking for a film with a great plot, look elsewhere.

As a fan of conventional porn, this f/f feature wasn't for me, but I think all girl-on-girl lovers will really like this one. Hot girls having sex -- what's better than that?

Cherry 2 is a unique take on lesbian porn. While it still generally is mainstream and caters to the male population, it is executed well enough that is erotic for ladies that like f/f action. This porn features a mostly lipstick cast, but has a touch of butch action. The chemistry feels real and the scenes are certainly engaging, however, since it is a sequel, some parts don't make sense without watching the behind the scenes featurette.

A porn designed for lesbian and bisexual couples or singles, finally! It is a wonderful movie and has a feel for the female audience. Many DVDs try to be like this but fail; Digital Playground has done a wonderful job! Cherry 2 is super hot!

A good DVD for a couple where the woman is bi-curious and the guy is into watching women having sex with each other. It's not too out there, so it may be too tame for porn connoisseurs!

Thought the plot of this movie is hard to follow at times the scenes are lush and compelling. I recommend this for lovers of lesbian flicks as it isn't the usual 'tailored for the typical guy' scenes. The scenes alone are worth buying the movie for and I will be watching this one again and again.

I just couldn't get into this movie. It was slow and pretty boring. The storyline was really hard for me to follow, but that could be because I haven't seen the first one.

Hot and fun and a little confusing if you haven't seen the first one. So many very beautiful women all in one place, it's simply stunning!

Why is it like Cherry Cola? I don't know! I just know I really enjoyed this film, especially watching it right after the other porn for the month. It's dark, feminine, intense, and has plenty of variety to bring me back to enjoy it again later. Prerequisite: love women having sex with women, don't care too much about being able to follow the plot (I suppose you should start with Cherry 1), and be horny.

Cherry 2 is fairly well acted with a plot that is a little hard to grasp. This is a serial porn and I think it would have helped to have seen the first one. That didn't, however, detract from enjoying the scenes, some of which get very hot.

So many girls, so little time. At least at Cherry's club all the hot and horny ones are under one roof. The story is confusing but at least there are some hot scenes to make up for it.

If you love all girl movies, this might be one for your list. Jiz Lee is amazingly hot and intense in this movie, her scene makes the whole movie worth watching. The story line is kind of strange but the sex scenes are enjoyable.

Digital Playground has ventured into the world of lesbian porn and produced a film worth your time. This movie has the potential to be great, but the plot is somewhat disjointed. The acting and the sex make up for a lack of a coherent storyline. The actresses are attractive and talented, in more ways than one, and the sex is engaging.

Overall, this is a film aimed at men that still has plenty to please women and lesbians. It's not the most sex-positive, pro-female porn, but it is for sure a step in the right direction especially for the mainstream.

This movie had its good points as well as a few not so good ones. The plot was confusing in parts and I found myself drifting off, and some of the scenes dragged. I did love the fact that they incorporated toy usage into a couple of the scenes. The variety of beautiful women also helped.

Cherry 2 has a lot of variety and some good chemistry. Cherry 2 also sports a beautiful cast that come from different walks of life. The plot however is not so good and is confusing from the get go, the confusion leads to disinterest in a hurry, which will force some to just skip ahead to the sex. Fortunately for the viewers, the behind the scenes feature will shed some light on the bizarre and confusing plot.

This is a high class 21st century brothel with a twist: ladies only. Watch the escapades in back rooms, the DJ booth and even right on the bar! This film does a good job of mixing it up. There's mainstream lesbian porn sex, there's a little queer sex thrown in there, and not everybody's blond! With dazzling production value and some interesting characters, Cherry 2 makes for a good night in.

I found this movie confusing, extremely hard to figure out and slow. There is great chemistry between most of the actresses (evident in scenes 4 and 6). My husband was bored to tears after sitting through the first 3 scenes and he fast-forwarded the rest of the way though, so we missed the best scenes the first go 'round. I will keep this movie around if only to watch the two scenes I like again.

This DVD is great for a lesbian couple or single, a bi or bi-curious female, a couple who enjoys girl on girl action or a male who also enjoys that. Some of the scenes were too long, but the chemistry seemed to really help. The ladies where all sexy and enjoyable to watch. The plot was a bit hard to follow, but the sex scenes were well put together.

Cherry 2 is a fun lesbian porn with lovely women of many varieties. Digital playground does there best in bringing you a complete experience and does a great job with it.

I thought the women in this were too domineering, aggressive, (Predatory even!) and exploitive of the other characters in the film. Not my cup of tea! But hey, somebody might be into it! Whatever floats your boat! Enjoy!

For those into solid hard core lesbian porn, this will probably be a good selection. Its faults are overcome by its strengths and provide an overall enjoyable movie.

I really liked this film because a lot of time is spent on the sex scenes. All the characters get off multiple times and nothing's rushed. There are all sorts of women presented; it's not solely thin girls with massive boobs (although there's nothing wrong with that). I wish that I could have watched Cherry 1 first so that I could understand some parts of the plot, but overall, I think it's an excellent film for anyone who wants to watch pretty girls.

The plot is forgettable, but the sex scenes are a refreshing change from typical “girl-girl” fare while at the same time having better technical aspects than most true lesbian porn.

I think it is a good movie not my cup of tea but still I feel many people would enjoy the movie. The plot was hard to follow but maybe because I did not see the first one.

Cherry is haunted by her past loves and has turned to voyeurism for pleasure. Enter her lesbian club and find out what being a platinum member is all about. Beautiful women, hot sex, and lust.

Cherry 2 is a lesbian feature film that includes six sex scenes that are relatively well done. As a step away from the traditional girl-on-girl scenes, this movie also includes harness use, a storyline, and vibrators. Fun stuff!

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