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Cherry has a Major Malfunction; What That is, the World May Never Know

I found this movie confusing, extremely hard to figure out and slow. There is great chemistry between most of the actresses (evident in scenes 4 and 6). My husband was bored to tears after sitting through the first 3 scenes and he fast-forwarded the rest of the way though, so we missed the best scenes the first go 'round. I will keep this movie around if only to watch the two scenes I like again.
Strap-on, vibrators, nice chemistry
Not enough toy play, storyline hard to follow
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Some sequels require prior knowledge to understand what is going on. This must be one of those movies. Never having seen the original Cherry, we were lost on the storyline, since the dialog has little to do with the plot.

This Digital Playground DVD/Blu-Ray Combo is directed by Kay Brandt and has a running time of 146 minutes.

Front Cover:
The front cover features seven snapshots from the movie; nearly all the girls are depicted.

Back Cover:
Features 16 snapshots from the movie and a plot summary.

Disc Menu:
-Play Movie
-Special Features
- Behind the Scenes
- Gallery
- Slide Show
- Trailers

Movie Summary:
Cherish, or as her friends call her, Cherry (Judy Thompson) is a high–end lesbian strip club owner. Apparently, she still pines away for her ex-lover Talia (Tuesday Cross). She frequently daydreams about her and seems to obsess over her for some reason, even though she is with someone new, Harlow (Riley Steele-has a 30 second cameo and she never speaks).

The movie opens in a lesbian strip club, with Cherry daydreaming about seeing her ex-lover, Talia on the dance floor. The scene cuts to the DJ (Jiz Lee) spinning some tunes and admiring the grooves by Andy San Dimas on the dance floor. The music is enjoyable and believable for the setting.

Scene 1. Andy San Dimas & Jiz Lee
Andy seduces Jiz through the DJ window. Jiz signals for Andy to come in and join her. They leave the booth for some privacy in the hallway (Cherry hides around the corner and witnesses the scene). Jiz tosses her hat to reveal a buzz cut, as she pins Andy to the wall by her throat and finger bangs her. If you listen closely you can hear how juicy Andy is.

Jiz drops her drawers to reveal her strap-on and fucks Andy doggy style, while standing against the wall. Andy gives the dildo a blow job. Jiz loses the harness and Andy eats her out. There is a lot of hair pulling and a bit of spanking. Jiz finger bangs her a little more, while playing with herself at the same time. Jiz uses 3 fingers and at one point she changes things up using two hands at the same time. Andy gives Jiz some oral action that more resembles a blowjob, ending with a slobbery chin and all.

Scene 2. Dana DeArmond & Evelin Rain
The two flirt at the bar. They discuss how long they have wanted to “fuck each other” and dare the other to fuck in public. Dana says, “I’ll fuck you seven ways from Sunday on this bar" and “You shouldn’t let your text messages write checks that your ass can’t cash”.

The two get up on the bar. Dana tosses her dress and helps Evelin out of hers. Dana pins Evelin’s legs back with her own; opening her up for all to see. There is plenty of tit sucking/rubbing and finger banging action. They get into a tribing position, there is some toe sucking and brief toe fucking. The length of Evelin’s nails had me scared for Dana’s pussy throughout this scene, but thankfully the only fingers doing the penetrating are Dana’s.

Scene 3. Vicki Chase, Missy Martinez & Brooklyn Lee
Scene 2 and 3 run into one another without transition. Brooklyn Lee and Missy Martinez are the new strippers. They are standing at attention in the dressing room for inspection and Vicki Chase is inspecting their readiness by pinching, licking and smacking their tits. Vicki insists they turn around and put their asses out. They do as they are told and look reluctantly at each other. Vicki turns on two vibrators and clinks them together, telling them she wants them to cream for her. She tests their cunts with both vibrators for less than a minute.

The scene cuts to the bouncer telling Cherry there is a suspicious person in the club. Zoey Holloway, a club patron, butts in insisting Cherry find her new meat before she fucks her own best friend instead.

Cherry heads to the dressing room to see how the new strippers are coming along. She finds Missy sufficiently “warmed up” after inspecting her crotch.

The scene transitions to Cherry introducing Missy to Zoey. Brooklyn comes out on stage and strips for the crowd. Diamond Foxxx (Zoey’s best friend) says, “That’s the one.” They all head to a private room.

Scene 4. Zoey Holloway & Missy Martinez
The two kiss. Zoey takes Missy’s bra off tells Missy she has a “foot thing” and you see in the background, Diamond and Brooklyn kissing on the sofa. Missy kisses and licks Zoey’s foot. There is plenty of tit play and caressing. Zoey coaches Missy’s every move.
The tongue sucking was hard to watch. Zoey tells Missy to use that tongue in other places and to kiss and lick her clit. Zoey tells her there are more orgasms in there and she expects more than the one she just gave her. She turns around doggy style and makes her continue munching, while Zoey instructs every second of the way.

Zoey returns the favor, removing Missy’s panties. Her mouth finds Missy’s pussy and brings her to orgasm. She lays Missy back, between Diamond’s legs, allowing Diamond access to her boobs and Zoey access to everything else. There is more clit sucking, licking, kissing, and rubbing.

Scene 5. Diamond Foxxx & Brooklyn Lee
Missy gets called away by Cherry, leaving Zoey to look on, as Brooklyn gives Diamond’s clit a nice workout and her fingers drip their way into her pussy making her cum twice. Brooklyn then gets some attention of her own. Diamond finger bangs her and insists on “sucking out her juices”. (Zoey is masturbating in the background). They take turns again; Brooklyn finger bangs her some more and they kiss ending the scene.

Cherry has words with the suspicious patron (Kimberly Kane), who is attending the club on an expired members guest pass. Cherry tells her to leave and informs the bouncer to not let her back in.

The movie gets weird when Cherry goes home and has a nervous breakdown over her girlfriend, Harlow leaving her. We infer Talia (Tuesday Cross) left her too.

Scene 6. Kimberly Kane & Tuesday Cross
The two are apparent lovers. Kimberly (the suspicious patron) tosses Tuesday (Talia) on the bed and takes off her stockings. Kimberly lays back and instructs Tuesday to go down on her. Tuesday then proceeds to fuck Kimberly’s fingers, all four of them. She returns the favor and finger bangs Kimberly doggy style. They get into some interesting positions. There is some face sitting, rimming, and biting. (This scene exhibits the most imaginative lesbian scene I have ever watched. I will most likely watch it again.)

The scene transitions to Cherry in her bedroom alone staring at the bed and the movie ends abruptly.

My Take:
I found two major issues with this movie. The storyline is hard to figure out. I feel, if porn is going to have a story, then it needs to make sense and I have to be able to follow it. This storyline did not fit that bill. Maybe if I had seen the first one, I would understand what Cherry’s major malfunction is. The other problem with this movie was the few toys that were used, were used for such a short period of time, they are almost forgettable.

I liked scenes 4 and 6 best. It must have been because of the underlying Dom/sub aspect of the scenes. Scene 6 was the most believable and the two really seemed to have nice chemistry and a bit of imagination. Without scenes 4 and 6, I would have only given this movie 1 star. In my book, those scenes are redeeming, bumping it up to 2 stars. If the story had made sense, I would have given it 3 stars; that is saying a lot coming from me. I don’t typically like lesbian flicks.
Follow-up commentary
The only reason I still have this movie is because of the sixth scene in this film! It is probably the only lesbian scene I have ever been impressed with enough to watch twice. Honestly, I wish I could delete the rest of the film and only have this one on the disk.

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  • namelesschaos
    Thanks for the review sorry it wasn't better for you.
  • Ansley
    Great job!!!
  • salaciousrex
    Thanks for the rundown of all the scenes
  • Redboxbaby
    You are all welcome!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Awesome review, and awesome job getting all the performers right. Something i couldn't do. Awesome job, such a great review. I also liked scene six, it was really the only scene i would watch more than once.

    Again awesome job!
  • sexyintexas
    Great review. I was let down by this too. I have been having trouble with this review because I don't want to sound too critical but there just wasn't a whole lot that I liked about it.
  • Redboxbaby
    Thanks Viktor and sexy! Viktor, I agree with you on scene 6 totally. I really enjoyed scene 6, it is probably the one reason I haven't passed the movie along to a friend yet. Thanks again for the kudos.
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