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Digital Playground has ventured into the world of lesbian porn and produced a film worth your time. This movie has the potential to be great, but the plot is somewhat disjointed. The acting and the sex make up for a lack of a coherent storyline. The actresses are attractive and talented, in more ways than one, and the sex is engaging.
Variety of women and sex scenes,
Well acted,
Plot requires watching BTS to understand,
Some scenes drawn out
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Cherry 2 is a film produced and directed by Kay Brandt for Digital Playground. The movie centers around Cherry (Judy Thompson), a woman who owns and runs an exclusive private lesbian club (can you say whorehouse?) that caters to a special clientele. The movie begins inside the club, with ladies on stage dancing and Cherry checking out her customers on the dance floor. One girl catches her attention and Cherry moves towards her, and they almost kiss. Suddenly Cherry “wakes up” and we realize she imagined this, but the girl is obviously someone she cares about. Only from watching the Behind the Scenes (BTS) do we learn that this woman is Talia (Tuesday Cross), an ex–lover of hers for whom she still pines.

Scene One: Andy San Dimas and Jiz Lee
The music and dancing continue and a woman (Andy) moves seductively towards the DJ (Jiz) and catches her attention by showing her ass and grabbing her breasts. Andy enters the DJ booth and continues to tease Jiz, and finally invites her out. What follows is a stimulating sex scene between two women who have great chemistry. The sex is at times rough, with choking, slapping, and hard thrusting with multiple fingers. It also involves some kink, with the use of a harness and dildo (Yes!) for penetration and a blowjob. There is definite domination/submission with Jiz in control here. You can also add voyeurism as Cherry is on the other side of the wall listening the whole time. The only complaint here is that the use of the harness and dildo is short-lived; it is really just a tease. Otherwise it’s a great sex scene, with variety and excitement, and of good length (fourteen minutes).

Scene Two: Dana DeArmond and Evelin Rain
There is no transition from scene one to scene two, where we find two women talking at the bar about how much each wants to fuck the other. They obviously want each other badly, with one almost daring the other to publicly take her on the bar. And so begins the foreplay, with kissing, grinding, foot play, and fingering the clit. The two wind up on top of the bar and engage in foot sucking, breast play, fingering, and scissoring. This twenty-two minute scene involves a lot of movement, with the two women constantly changing positions while having sex on the bar. Although the two women are attractive and enjoyable to watch, this scene is too long. A common complaint we have is that there is not enough variety in scenes. This is the exact opposite where there is too much variety. Each position seems to only last seconds before they switch to another.

Scene Three: Brooklyn Lee, Vicki Chase and Missy Martinez
Again there is no transition here, and this is not really a sex scene in the true sense of the word. The scene involves Brooklyn, a seasoned veteran, checking out two newbies, Vicki and Missy. Her job is to make sure they meet Cherry’s standards for club girls. Brooklyn tests the women, first kissing Vicky’s breasts, then Missy’s, and fondling their asses. She whips out two vibrators (Yes again!) and proceeds to use them on the girls. Cherry breaks up the fun when she comes in to choose one girl for a very special client. Although this scene is short (eight minutes), the actresses are believable and the scene is both funny and cute. The two newbies obviously don’t know what they’ve gotten themselves into.

Scene Four: Missy Martinez, Zoey Holloway, Vicki Chase, and Diamond Foxx
Cherry escorts Missy into the club and introduces her to two premium members, Zoey Holloway and Diamond Foxx. Zoey immediately grabs Missy to which she responds, “You two are friendly.” Zoey approves of Cherry’s choice for her, and Diamond wants the new girl dancing, Vicki. Cut to a private room where the four ladies are seated on a couch. We thought a foursome would develop, but that is not the case. First, Missy and Zoey have sex while the other two sit back and watch. The beginning of this scene has a different feel to it. There is a tender connection between the two women, almost motherly. The two move slowly, with a lot of kissing and breast play, but Zoey takes control here, guiding Missy and telling her what to do. For thirty minutes, the two women engage in oral sex, in multiple positions with multiple orgasms. The scene is sensual but too long. After Cherry comes in to take Missy away, Vicki and Diamond start at it. The two have been kissing the whole time, but the action heats up with Vicki going down hard on Diamond. This sex scene is more rough and the women more vocal; these two have a good chemistry and definitely

enjoy what they are doing. For us, this scene is more engaging and exciting than the previous one. It is also shorter at only eighteen minutes.

Now here is where the movie becomes a little confusing and disjointed. After the sex scenes, we cut to Cherry working on her computer, appearing angry or upset, but about what? Next we see Cherry speaking to a customer, Kimberly Kane, who is not a welcome guest. Cherry questions her and doesn’t necessarily like her answers. She is suspicious of her and asks her to leave. Again, we’re left to wonder exactly what is going on and what is the purpose of this scene.

Cherry leaves and presumably goes home. She enters a foyer where she “sees” Talia on a staircase. This time they kiss, but the dream is shattered by the sound of a door slamming. Cherry calls out for “Harlow” and runs up the stairs. There she finds one of her girls (a cameo by Riley Steele) leaving and we assume she is her current lover. Cherry is pissed that another person in her life is walking out. Riley leaves, and Cherry falls on the bed, fuming, and begins to masturbate.

Scene Five: Tuesday Cross and Kimberly Kane
Cut to two women in bed, one being the mystery dream woman at the beginning of the movie. The scene begins with lots of kissing and foreplay but quickly intensifies. This scene feels different than the others in that you get the sense the women are in a relationship and in love. It is both sensual and exciting, with a good mix of kissing, oral sex, and fingering. The two are all over each other, giving and receiving pleasure throughout. Although it is twenty-two minutes long, it didn’t feel drawn out. This is one of the best girl on girl sex scenes we have seen.

The girls fade away and the movie ends with Cherry standing over the bed, staring into space. Only from the BTS do we learn that the previous sex scene is a product of Cherry’s imagination.

The ending leaves one a bit confused. We did not see Cherry 1 and don’t know if that would have helped. The BTS feature on this disc is a must if you want to understand the plot. The story made much more sense after watching it; it is really quite informative. It is also interesting to listen to the director and get her perspective on the film. Overall, this is a well produced, well directed movie. However, the writing is sometimes lacking. The plot is difficult to follow and left us wondering whether the lack of a clear story was the result of overzealous editing. The confusing plot and length of a few sex scenes kept us from giving this movie a higher rating. I would recommend this as an excellent lesbian film with a little of everything; the girls are attractive, the scenes are believable and varied, and the sex exciting.
Follow-up commentary
I still like this movie a lot, I just wish it had been edited a little more. The artistic feel and mood of the film are appealing, but the length of the scenes and the overall length of the movie are negatives. It's still worth owning as movies go but be prepared to fast forward through some of the drawn out scenes. I'm really excited to see what the next installation of this series offers.
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  • ToyTimeTim
    I guess I should have chose this DVD this month, sounds real nice!
  • Ivy Wilde
    Thanks for the review. Call me ignorant, but what is "scissoring"?
  • Kindred
    @Ivy Wilde - Scissoring is the act where two women rub their vulvas/clits together by interlocking their legs.
  • Wildchild
    Thanks, great review!
  • Over here
    OK, Ivy--ignorant-- I hope you know I am just kidding--dry sense of humor, I guess. I wanted to like this movie, but I am just not into lesbian porn (I keep reading that men love girl on girl, but not me at least). A well written review.
  • Kindred
    @Over here - Honestly, I'm not much into lesbian porn either, but this was overall well made. Thanks.
  • lcl169
    do the women look like porn star lesbians (as in fake ones), or real lesbians (variety of body types and sizes)? it sounds exciting, but i'm so turned off by lesbian porn marketed to men...
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