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Sunny Leone Goddess reviews

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21 reviews

If you’re a fan of Sunny Leone, Goddess is a DVD you might enjoy. The porn star looks great, and if you enjoy a lot of tease and solo sex you’ll like watching Sunny do her thing. This DVD also features Sunny’s first m/f anal scene, which may be enough of a draw in and of itself, but if you're not into lots of masturbation then you'll want to look elsewhere.

This was not what we were hoping for, and is one of those films that makes one think nothing is better than something. I wouldn't recommend this to a friend and especially not to a couple.

If you are into the POV kind of movies, this may be perfect for you. If you like seeing faceless guys fuck a gorgeous girl, then this is for you. However, if you like more variety, and seeing the guys face, this won't be it.

Buy a DIFFERENT Sunny movie before you even think of getting this one. It is not interesting, unless you are already familiar with this woman. I fell asleep while watching it...and I wasn't tired before I put it on....

I would only recommend this DVD to someone who is obsessed with Sunny specifically. It's not got much variety and has a focus on her as a solo star.

While Sunny is definitely a sexy lady, this movie leaves a lot to be actual sex. The majority of this movie is shots of Sunny in different lingerie touching herself and getting off solo. If you are looking for actual sex, there isn't a lot, but there is a nice long anal scene at the end.

If what you're looking for is an artsy film this is not for you. While Sunny is stunning, the movie seems disjointed at times, the music and lighting were off and it was hard to stay in the moment while watching this. Sunny Leone may be a Goddess but she didn't showcase that in this movie at all. This was definitely not for me.

A poorly shot feature starring a beautiful unique star. This film looks rushes and badly done. Sunny Leone should have stepped up her game with a feature titled Goddess. If you like "dancing" and masturbation this may be the film for you.

This is one of the least exciting videos we have ever seen. It did not do anything for either one of us. We both felt like we had been robbed of two hours we could have spent doing our taxes which most certainly would have been more exciting. We do not recommend buying this product and we encourage you to think twice about someone offering to pay you to watch it.

Sunny Leone is a beautiful actress and looks fantastic in any outfit she wears but this film is a poorly made production with little chemistry, little action, and little of interest at all. While her solo scenes were quite good, they don't make up for the incredibly long striptease scenes. It felt like this movie didn't know whether it wanted to be hard or soft core.

Sunny Leone is the star of this show. In the POV film, she strips, rubs, and orgasms in 8 different scenes. This film also includes her first ever anal scene which took 10 years for her to do.

Ever wanted to watch Sunny Masturbate? If you love watching a porn star pleasure herself you'll fall in love with Sunny Leone Goddess. Forget about all the fancy sex stuff and just get down to basics. This film is mostly masturbation with a little sex sprinkled in.

Sunny Leon Goddess features some absolutely hot POV (Point of view) as action as well as some steamy solo scenes. Sunny performs in four sex scene, including her very first anal scene. Sunny also performs in three solo scenes. While the boy/girl sex scenes were fairly good, the solo scenes seemed to drag on. If you are a fan of Sunny Leon you will surly love this film, if you’re just a average fan of adult films, you may also find something here that will catch your eye.

This was a disappointing introduction to Sunny Leone. This is for someone who loves her, I mean REALLY loves her, as most of the scenes are solo masturbation. I would like to see some of her other performances, though as I feel Goddess did not show off her talents to their full potential.

This was an okay porn for the price, I can recommend better, but man, Sunny is quite hot, so, this is made a LOT better by her. I'd recommend getting this if you like solo and anal scenes, but if you really love good pussy and blow job scenes, I recommend a different one.

I love it when there's chemistry. I know I'm not trying to watch an Oscar-winning drama, but dammnit look interested! This movie looks like it was made cheaply and obviously with choppy editing. I think Sunny's pretty but there's nothing Godly about this movie that makes me fall to my knees for her!

I think overall it was an okay dvd, but had way too much dancing, before every scene dancing. One scene would be fine by me. Still, the actress Sunny is beautiful and I guess that helps.

If you love Sunny, then it might be worth it just to see her. But if you like decent scenes, decent lighting and decent sound, then move on. This one will just annoy you. And listening to her talk is discouraging, she just comes off as a vapid air head.

When it comes to adult movies there are certain things we look for. Production values, chemistry and authentic enthusiasm. These are the things that really elevate a movie and make it worthwhile. Now, not everything has to be in place for a movie to be good but it helps. This movie has pretty much nothing going for it. No real attempt at masking the fact that it was obviously shot quick and cheap.

Sunny Leone is a very beautiful performer, but this film does not really put her talents to their greatest use. Unless you truly enjoy watching solo masturbation scenes and stripteases, then this video is probably not for you.

While Sunny Leone is a beautiful woman, her Goddess video falls very short. There is too much solo action, the anal scene was sub par, as was the majority of the movie.

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