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It's Not Always Sunny...

Sunny Leone is a beautiful actress and looks fantastic in any outfit she wears but this film is a poorly made production with little chemistry, little action, and little of interest at all. While her solo scenes were quite good, they don't make up for the incredibly long striptease scenes. It felt like this movie didn't know whether it wanted to be hard or soft core.
Lovely actress, Excellent outfits, Minimal male scenes
Drawn-out scenes, Poor lighting, Poor audio, Poor composition
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To start with

What we have here is a DVD featuring the lovely and experienced Sunny Leone who in all her years of porn has yet to do an anal sex scene. This film is her first on-camera anal scene and the DVD cover makes that very clear. The back states "Sunny Leone in her first b/g anal scene". The cover shows Sunny wearing an outfit she wears midway through the film and the graphics are tastefully done. The back cover is complicated and visually noisy though, it has so many similar colored screenshots I'm not sure what I'm looking at.

Menu breakdown

You have a lot of the usual options in the menu here. Play Movie does what you would expect. Scene selection allows you to go directly to a particular scene or sex act. Behind the Scenes goes to some candid interviews with Sunny, Trailers plays some ads for other films from this production company, and the Photo Gallery has some lovely on-set shots from the filming.

On with the show

Act 1, Scene 1

A hot-cut intro movie plays. We see short clips of the scenes we will see throughout the film as a strong beat plays in the background. There are a few shots of the anal scene. The intro ends and cuts to a long hallway with billowing curtains on the walls. Sunny walks up to the camera wearing a silver teddy and begins a striptease that eventually moves to a chair dance. The teddy is removed and she masturbates to orgasm, all the while speaking to the viewer. The setting was tasteful and well lit, but I felt it went on a bit too long.

Act 1, Scene 2

We find our heroine locked in a cage. How did she get in this cage? This question is left unanswered as Sunny begins playing with herself. Before long, the cage is opened by a mysterious man (her captor? another prisoner?) and she sucks his dick by way of greeting. This goes on for some time but Sunny remembers the old adage about talking with your mouth full and keeps the conversation to a minimum. Sunny brings the man to orgasm and the scene ends. I noticed some odd slow-motion scenes here, the editor tried to bring focus to certain acts by slowing the video but it came out choppy and distracting.

Act 1, Scene 3

We find Sunny in the middle of a sensual dance. She is wearing the outfit from the cover of the DVD. The dance progresses to playing with herself again and we are treated to a questionably necessary scene where the camera zooms tight on Sunny's chest as she shakes her breasts back and forth for some time. It was hypnotically uninteresting. She begins masturbating with her fingers, eventually moving on to a purple vibrator. She brings herself to orgasm and the scene ends.

Act 1, Scene 4

In a casual interview, Sunny explains her business decisions and states that she has turned this thing she does into a career. The audio of the scene is quite bad and there is an electrical hum in the background. The tone of the interview takes an abrupt turn when Sunny begins stripping and masturbating again. As Sunny rubs herself in slow motion, we hear her voice playing back at normal speed. While this was meant to be a voiceover scene, it seems more like a poorly synced regular scene. Suddenly Sunny is riding a penis. Since this scene is mostly handheld by the male lead, we get some excellent close up shots of Sunny's privates. Eventually the man is brought to orgasm and he ejaculates on Sunny's pussy.

Act 1, Scene 5

This scene has an excellent beginning, likely done by the same person who made the intro. We have a number of hot-cuts of Sunny out on a balcony wearing a black leotard that hugs her body beautifully. It reminded me of a scene I saw once upon a time where Sasha Grey wore a similar outfit. I must say, Sunny pulls it off better. Once again Sunny treats us to a dancing striptease before she sinks to the ground and masturbates through the fabric of her outfit. She then moves on to a silver classic-style vibrator which she uses to bring herself to orgasm.
Act 1, Scene 6

We move now to a bedroom where Sunny reclines on a bed and our male lead stands ready with his pants undone. We are treated to a lovely and intimate blowjob scene as Sunny descends on our man without even taking his pants off. Parts of this scene were overexposed but I felt that drew more attention to the action. Some of the composition was questionable though, a few shots were zoomed in so close I could not tell what I was looking at.

Act 1, Scene 7

Sunny appears in a black outfit with some pink highlights and begins another striptease. Once she is completely naked she begins to masturbate with a large gold dildo. Overall this scene seemed cool and dark, whether that was intentional I cannot say but I actually felt cold while watching the scene because of all the blue and grey tones.

Act 2, Scene 1

It might be unfair to call this section of the film a completely different Act but seeing as how the film cover made a pretty big deal out of the fact that this was Sunny's first anal scene, I figured it deserved the attention. As you will shortly realize, I was incorrect. Here we are, nearly at the end of the film when we finally get to the anal scene. Being an anal aficionado myself, I was happy to wait for it. The scene opens with Sunny addressing the viewer directly, stating that this is the much anticipated anal scene. The male lead lubricates Sunny's ass and begins fingering her. This is something I like to see in films, I worry that people who get their sex-ed from pornos still think you can just stick it in with no warm up first, but enough of that. We get an abrupt jump from gentle fingering to full insertion, we can only assume the initial penetration happened off camera which is a shame, that is usually my favorite part. The two actors try a couple different positions but little of the camera focus is on the act of anal sex at all. Rather than pulling in tight and showing us some detail, the majority of the shots in this scene are wide, full body shots that show us plenty of Sunny's lovely body but very little of her ass. Eventually orgasm is achieved and we see a small creampie. All in all, the scene is barely more than ten minutes.

In Closing

While the film had a few nice scenes, overall the movie seemed disjointed and didn't flow well. The striptease scenes were far too long and took away from what little energy this film had. The solo scenes were decent but when there was a male actor in the shot I felt no chemistry at all. If anything, it felt rushed. For how long the stripping scenes and masturbation scenes were, I think they could have dropped the sex scenes entirely and gone with a softcore film instead. While this wasn't for me, I'm sure a Sunny Leone fan would have no problem with this film. I think it really comes down to how much you like Sunny. It wasn't my favorite film but I've certainly seen worse.
Follow-up commentary
So I was in a fancy hotel recently and they had several adult channels streaming to the rooms. There was all the usual stuff like cheerleaders and cable repair guys coming over, but surprise surprise one of the specials was Sunny Leone Goddess. Having nothing else to do I turned it on and started writing emails. Interestingly what had been a dull and uninteresting porn movie when I was paying full attention became a fairly good background movie I could glance up at once in a while. I suppose I enjoyed it more when I wasn't picking it apart like a reviewer.
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  • unfulfilled
    Great review; sorry it was such a letdown for you.
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    Thanks for the great review, very detailed. Sorry you had to sit through it all.
  • WildeKnight
    Thanks for the scene by scene breakdown.
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