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Goddess of Boredom...

Sunny Leone is a very beautiful performer, but this film does not really put her talents to their greatest use. Unless you truly enjoy watching solo masturbation scenes and stripteases, then this video is probably not for you.
Beautiful wardrobe, locations, and actress.
Minimal interaction w/others, mostly solo masturbation. Washed out appearance. Barely any anal.
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Although this DVD is marketed with a focus on Sunny's first anal scene, it really should have been more related to all of the solo masturbation, which makes up the majority of the film. I checked. Out of an hour and 55 minutes of movie, only 40 minutes actually depict any sex act other than solo masturbation. That's a mere 35% devoted to blowjobs and fucking. If you'd like to skip straight to the action, the first blowjob is at 15:35, the penis-in-vagina sex is at 45:50, the second blowjob is at 1:13:40, and the anal is at 1:40:00. Yes. The main selling point of the film is an entire hour and forty minutes in.

The main menu has five sections. Play Movie, Scene Selection, Behind the Scenes, Trailers, and Photo Gallery. The scene selection section makes it easy to navigate between the eight available scenes. The behind the scenes section is pretty pointless and the photo gallery is lovely, but pretty tame. The trailers are, admittedly, one of the best parts of the whole DVD. And that just leaves...Play movie!


Scene 1 - Sunny performs a little dancing striptease. The setting is very lovely and monochromatic, directing the eye to the pop of color that is Sunny's bare flesh. She plays with herself and tops it off with a healthy dollop of theatrical moaning, talking to an imaginary male partner about fucking her and making her cum so hard. This didn't much appeal to me as a female consumer. I may be pansexual (attracted to people of any gender), but Sunny's style just doesn't do it for me, despite her being very, very pretty. The whole scene was pretty dull.

Scene 2 - Sunny is standing in a big metal cage, playing with her breasts and then her pussy. The cage door opens and a naked man enters. Sunny, of course, immediately begins sucking his dick, without so much as a "Hello, how are you?" Oral sex is an act that I deeply enjoy, so this part was not terrible. I hate to say it, but I like to see less showboating for the camera and more actual connection and enjoyment between the performers. I'd also like to see the gentleman take a more active role. I don't believe he touched her or even made a peep the entire time. Not even when he came on her mouth and her chest.

Scene 3 - More wiggling around and stripping. More playing with herself, complete with juggling and shaking her boobies around for a full thirty seconds. Honestly, pretty much identical to the first scene, except in a different location and with a different outfit on and with the addition of a little pink vibrator. Also of note is the entertaining fact that Sunny's mouth does not match up with the words she's saying throughout most of the scene.

Scene 4 - There's a short interview with Sunny and then more wiggling and masturbating and talking dirty to an imaginary male partner. FINALLY we get some penis-in-vagina action, deliberately shot from the point of view of the man fucking Sunny. Again, he barely interacts with her except to hold his cock while she rides it. There's a little bit of close-up, point-of-view doggie style and then she flips over and he cums on her pussy.

Scene 5 - MORE stripping and masturbation. This time with a silver vibrator! (Admittedly, the beginning of this scene is gorgeous, but more for artistic, aesthetic reasons than for sexual ones...the photographer in me loved it, but I wasn't turned on.)

Scene 6 - This second blowjob scene seemed slightly more intimate to me, in a bedroom setting and with the male actor's pant still on. There's a mention of facefucking, which I love, but it never quite happens. The filming was a little off, as it is in much of this movie...It was very overexposed and washed out and sometimes the close-ups were so close up that you couldn't really see exactly what was happening. Are those balls in her mouth? Who knows?

Scene 7 - EVEN MORE stripping and masturbation! With a bronze-colored dildo!
Scene 8 - At long last, the fabled first-time anal scene! The male performer lubes Sunny up and gently fingers her ass. I appreciate the inclusion of a warm-up in the scene, which helps prevent viewers from thinking that they can just jump into bed and ram their dicks up people's asses without preparing them. They switch positions quite a bit, ending with Sunny on top and the male performer's cum in her ass. This is the only scene that I find to be much of a turn-on and it lasts such a sadly short period of time. Disappointing, especially since this is how the DVD is marketed! Even more unfortunate is the fact that this is the most washed out scene in the entire movie. Half the time all you can see is the outlines of bodies, Sunny's dark hair and eyes, pink lips and nostrils floating on a whited out face and background...


Typically, I find porn that focuses only on one person to be pretty lackluster. This one is no different. It's all about Sunny in this flick. If you're a fan of hers, then you may really enjoy it. I had trouble getting through the whole thing without falling asleep and didn't feel terribly compelled to touch myself at any point. Pornography in general is primarily marketed to male audiences. I could imagine men finding this film much more enjoyable than women. As someone who already has her own breasts and pussy to play with, I don't really take any pleasure in seeing another woman playing with hers.

However, I love her wardrobe. I'd totally wear these things. Especially that steel gray number from scene 1 and that cute pink chemise from scene 3 and the black 3/4 sleeve thing from scene 5! On the other hand, doesn't the fact that I was more focused on her cute clothing than on the sexual content say something pretty powerful in and of itself?

There are some little hints at kinkiness throughout the video. Sunny mentions smothering a man with her tits. She whaps the male performer's balls around and tugs on them pretty significantly. She tells the cameraman at the end that men should beg her to do more anal. Perhaps she'd be better suited to doing some awesome female dominance films? Now THAT I would watch. As for this one? I'll probably pass it on to one of my guy friends who might enjoy it more than me.
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