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Weed card game Weed card game

Adult game by Kheper Games

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Weed card game reviews

12 reviews
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12 reviews

I absolutely recommend this deck of cards. The game is really fun! It's been sitting on my coffee table for years.

Light a spliff with a few friends and let the stoney fun begin! This game of "grower" skill is fun for even the most avid stoner, because it is so very easily played.

The Weed novelty card game is overall a fun and easy game for parties or just a few friends with nothing better to do. I enjoyed it for the most part, and I think other people would too. Definitely worth buying.

The weed card game is a simple card game that is worth the laugh. It does require that you have somewhat of a childish mind set to be more fun, but it doesn't require skill or much thought to win the game. How many plants can you grow without having Potzilla, the police, a theft, or a hippie take them?

Overall we get a kick out of it and for the price you really aren't losing much if anything if you want to give it a go. I would recommend it for some simple laughs or as an ice breaker.

I really thought this game was going to be ridiculous and something I did not enjoy... It actually WAS ridiculous, but in a silly, fun way... and I DID enjoy it! You do not need to know anything about weed in order to play and enjoy this game. It's really easy to learn and will keep you entertained for a bit. The novelty does fade so it is not a game you'll play all the time, but when you do, you'll have a good time.

All in all this a cool game. It is fun, easy and addictive. I just wish it came with a few more cards. We still play this game quite often. Its a fun little game to play while drinking as well.

An amazingly fun Ganja Game that will have you and your friends sitting around for hours determining who is the greatest pot grower of you all!

I enjoyed the simplicity and uniqueness of this card game. For the price of $5.99, I not only got a great deal but I got to have some fun doing what I love most; playing games. This game can be thrown in your purse and pulled out at a moment's notice for a quick game.

This game is quite easy to understand. There is not a whole lot of thinking involved. It's fun, and the few dollars spent are absolutely worth the laughs.

Unless you are stoned and want a simple game that requires little thinking, look elsewhere. This game is not made to be enjoyed by most adults.

This is a great, fun game if you have a sense of humor and love strategy games that aren't complex like Risk. You don't have to smoke pot to enjoy this game!

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