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The weed card game is a simple card game that is worth the laugh. It does require that you have somewhat of a childish mind set to be more fun, but it doesn't require skill or much thought to win the game. How many plants can you grow without having Potzilla, the police, a theft, or a hippie take them?
Good quality, hilarious, easy to play, and rules easily change.
Requires no skill or thought.
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Purpose / Audience

The targeted audience is geared towards those who have a sense of humor and still have a childish way about them. The game is very simple and similar to rummy, at least that is what it reminds me of. If you are looking for a quick and easy game to play that you are your friends will laugh about, weed card game is it. There is a disclaimer on the box to note that this game is for fun, but not meant to encourage drug use.

The purpose of this game is to grow your planets to complete your garden. To complete your garden for the round you must have five plant cards or if all players run out of cards first. You continue rounds until someone reaches 50 points/plants, then they win.
    • Good for parties
    • Multiple players
    • Sense of humor required

Rules / Content

The rules of the game are on three cards. The cards have written details saying how to play and the card values.

To play you must have 2-4 players if you have 5-8 you need to add a second deck and so on. You need to play in an open area and each player needs a decent amount of space to grow their garden. The garden, in a round, should never exceed 5 cards. You are dealt 5 cards and the reminder of the cards go into the center of the playing area. The person to go first is the player to the left of the dealer and continues clockwise. They begin by taking a card from the deck either the card is played or discarded, if you play the card then you must discard from your hand. Should the deck run out you continue playing without drawing more cards, but you must discard if you can't make a move. The rounds end when either a player has five plant cards in his garden or all the players are out of cards. Then once the round is completed the number of plants are totaled, so the first one to 50 points wins the game. Should there be a tied another round is to decide the winner. There are obstacles to face like getting busted, Potzilla attacking, weed killer spray (only removes Dandelion), a Hippie to smoke your plants, a Dandelion to grow, and someone to steal your plants. (More explaining about the meanings in below section.)

The instructions are pretty clear and very helpful.
    • Comes with clear instructions
    • Easy to play
    • Quick game


The first set of cards I will talk about are the plants. As you can see they are mini pot leafs. There are a one plant card, two plant card, three plant card, four plant card, and six plant card. I am not sure why there is not a five plant card, but there is not. The design to these are very simple and too the point. They are normal size of playing cards (3.5" long and 2.5" across) and the same quality, so as long as the don't get wet they should last. There are 57 cards total, but 54 playing cards.

~3 rules cards
~10 one plant
~10 two plants
~6 three plants
~3 four plants
~1 six plants
~5 Dandelions
~5 Weed Killers
~1 Potzilla
~5 Steal
~3 Hippie

These are the extra cards are hilarious. These are the obstacles you have to face when you are growing your garden.

The Dandelion is a weed that you can plant in any garden of your choice. It stops that gardener from completing his garden without using the weed killer spray. On the card is a picture of the Dandelion weeds and the word dandelion in yellow under the image.

The weed killer spray is used to remove the Dandelion from a garden of your choice. When it is used it and the dandelion card must be discarded. The image is a spray bottle with green liquid inside and under the images says weed killer.

Potzilla is a giant fire breathing dragon holding a steamroller running through a garden. This card completely wipes out someones garden, making them start all over.

The busted card is an image of a cop care with the lights on. This card takes the highest plant card out of their garden and then makes the person lose their turn, but they must discard the busted card.

The stealing card is an image of a guy with a flashlight running with plants in his hands. This card is used to steal a plant out of the garden of your choice. You can not steal a plant if you have five cards in your garden.

The Hippie card is a long haired guy standing there giving out the peace sign. This card is used against the garden of your choice. The hippie takes the lowest plant card out of the garden since he wants to smoke it, so both cards get discarded.
    • Attractive design
    • Travel friendly

Personal comments

Overall we think this game deserves 5 stars. For the $5.99 it is a pretty good game. It is childish, but it is fun to play when there is a group of people around or if the power is out. It isn't as good of a game as Uno, phase 10, or another card game, but worth the laugh.

You can also easily change the rules to up the amount of points or the meaning of cards so you can make the game more fun for you.
Follow-up commentary
This game is childish and silly, but I still like it. It's a fun game to play on a drunken group night. The cards have held up nicely, but they don't get used that often.
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