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Weed card game

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Don't let the name fool you...

The Weed novelty card game is overall a fun and easy game for parties or just a few friends with nothing better to do. I enjoyed it for the most part, and I think other people would too. Definitely worth buying.
Simple, fun, easy to clean up.
Smells horrible, instructions could be a little more clear.
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Purpose / Audience

Despite what everyone I told about this game thought, this game is not like a drinking game for smoking pot. As a matter of fact, it does not require or promote smoking weed at all. The weed card game is a great game for a small group of people to kill some time. Well... to kill a LOT of time. The entire point of the game is to try and grow the most plants. You have to try to get five plants in your garden before everyone else in order to win the round. There are cards that attack the other players' gardens and prevent them from winning. You keep playing rounds until someone reaches fifty plants, which takes a long time to do. This game is geared towards people who are easily entertained for long periods of time because even though it IS fun, it is also repetitive and frustrating at times.
    • Anyone
    • Good for parties
    • Multiple players

Rules / Content

The game comes with 54 playing cards and 3 instruction cards. My friends and I had a little trouble understanding the instructions and some things were not entirely clear (for instance, the dandelion card rules), but after a while we figured it out and guessed at the rest.

The game is meant for no more than 2-4 players. More players require a second deck, and we personally tested that theory and ran out of draw cards pretty fast with 7 people. Everyone sits in a circle, and you leave enough space in front of you for your garden. The dealer gives everyone five cards face down and then puts the rest of the deck in the middle of the group. Play starts with the person on the left side of the dealer and continues that way around the circle. When it's your turn, you draw a card from the middle and either play one of your cards or discard one. You can not have more than five cards in your hand when your turn is up. If the draw deck runs out, you continue playing without drawing. Even if the draw pile runs out you still have to discard one of your cards if you don't have one to play. Everyone plays until one person gets five plant cards in their garden and that's the end of the round. When the round is over everyone counts the number of plants they have and then you continue to play rounds until a player reaches 50 points or runs out of cards. If two or more people reach 50 at the same time, then you play another round to break the tie.

Besides the plant cards there are also cards that hurt other players gardens and prevent them from getting five cards. The hippie: place this in someone's garden and the hippie smokes their lowest numbered plant card and both the hippie card and plant card go into discard. Steal: you place this in someone's garden to steal one of their plant cards and then put it in your own garden, then discard the steal card. Busted: place this in someone's garden and the cops take their highest count plant card and then discard both the busted and plant card. Potzilla: placing this in someone's garden destroys EVERYTHING in their garden and all cards go into discard. Dandelion: placing this in someone's garden prevents them from getting five plant cards by taking the place of a plant. Dandelions can only be destroyed with weed killer. Weed killer: kills dandelion in either your or someone else's garden, then discard both cards.
    • Easy to play
    • Takes a long time
    • Unclear instructions


The design of this game is simple and obvious. It's just a normal deck of playing cards that come in a cardboard box like any other. Both the box and the cards themselves come in thin plastic wrapping that look like and are removed just the same as a pack of cigarettes. The box is silver with a green pot leaf on the front and it says, "Unleash your inner hippie with WEED! A novelty card game that explores the fine art of growing pot plants." The back of the box says there are 54 playing cards and rules, for 2-4 players, and has the company website and a disclaimer. The game comes with:
3 rule cards- just explain the setup and rules.
10 one plants- have a picture of one pot leaf and the words "one plant"
10 two plants- have a picture of two pot leafs and the words "two plants"
6 three plants- same design as other plant cards.
3 four plants- same
1 six plants -same
5 Dandelions- have a picture of dandelions and the word "dandelion" on the bottom
5 Weed Killers- has a picture of a spray bottle with green liquid and says "weed killer" on bottom
1 Potzilla- has a picture of dinosaur trampling pot plants holding a bong and breathing fire, says "potzilla"
2 BUSTED- has a picture of a cop car with a little dude driving, says "busted" on bottom
5 Steal- has a picture of a guy in a trench coat and baseball cap holding plants and a flashlight, says "steal" on bottom
3 Hippie- has a picture of just that, a pic of a guy with long hair and glasses holding up a peace sign, says "hippie" on bottom

So all the cards are simple and easy to figure out which is which.
    • Attractive design
    • Travel friendly

Personal comments

One thing that really bothered me was the smell. When I first opened this game up, the smell was overpowering. It smelled like a pencil eraser after you rub it really fast on paper, almost like burnt rubber. Everytime I touched this game the smell made me sick but after a week and a half it wasn't so bad, or maybe I just got used to it. Other than that it was good.


The first time we played this there were seven of us at a party. I knew it said 2-4 players, but we decided to try it anyway. It took a while to explain it to everyone in a way that they understood. Once we got started it didn't take long to figure it out though and we were soon having fun. Unfortunately we ran out of draw cards very soon after starting because we had so many people, but we managed. It took an hour and a half to finish one round including the explaining parts, so needless to say nobody wanted to play past the first round. It just took way too long to play, although it probably wouldn't have taken so long with less people. I will say this though we all had a blast and laughed our butts off playing this silly game.
Follow-up commentary
This game is still very entertaining. My buddies and I spend the entire time giggling and making fun of each other and we have a blast. The cards are still perfect as is the box. I would definitely still recommend this and maybe purchase something else from this company.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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