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All in all this a cool game. It is fun, easy and addictive. I just wish it came with a few more cards. We still play this game quite often. Its a fun little game to play while drinking as well.
Easy, fun, sturdy cards
Needs more cards.
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Purpose / Audience

Really this game is meant for entertainment. The only goal is to win. I think anyone would like this game. You don't have to know anything about weed to play this game. It is quick to catch on and fun to play.

I would suggest if anyone decides to buy this game maybe buy two or more packs so you can put your own deck together. Add more six plants, bust cards and maybe another potzilla card in.
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Rules / Content

This game comes with three rule cards that explain how to play the game and what each card does. The rule cards are pretty easy to understand. You will catch on pretty quickly.

The first card says, "Objective: To grow the most plants in your garden." This is a strategy game is what I have noticed. So be careful on which plants you actually plant.

Ok,first you shuffle the deck and then pass out five cards to each player face down. Then you put the rest of the cards face down in the middle of everyone. Then, the player to the left of the dealer picks up one card then either discards or plays a card. Then it continues clockwise. If your deck happens to run out you still play, you just don't draw a card. Also if you can not play, you must discard a card. No trading cards among players is allowed.

Each round ends when a player has five plant cards in their garden or when all players run out of cards to play. At the end of each round add up your pot plants. You keep playing until one player reaches 50 points, though you can go higher. But if their is a tie play another round to see who wins.

Then there are seven different cards in this deck. They are Hippie, Steal, Bust, POTZILLA, Plant, Dandelion, and Weed Killer. Each card does a different thing, you got to be careful and be strategic when placing a card.

First the hippie card is where you can place it in whatever garden you choose. But you must play it on their lowest plant value. If they have two or more of the same card just choose one. Then you discard the hippie and card.

The Steal card is you place it near someones garden. You then choose whatever card of theirs they have in their garden, and you put it in yours. Then discard the steal card. You can't steal if you already have five cards out.

The Bust card is where you put it next to someones garden, you then take their highest plant value and discard their plant. You will leave the bust card in their garden, they discard the bust card instead of taking their next turn.

POTZILLA wipes out the garden of your choice. You then discard all those cards and POTZILLA.

Dandelion is the card that you place in someones garden to stop them from placing a plant card down. You can place it in any garden you choose to.

Weed Killer gets rid of the dandelions. Once you use this card you discard it and the dandelion. You can also use weed killer to remove another players dandelions.

The plant cards are simple. They have values of one, two, three, four, and six. I am not sure why there isn't a five card, kind of weird. You place plant cards in your garden. But if you have a dandelion in your garden you can't put down a fifth plant card unless you first rid your garden of the dandelion. Rounds end when a player has five plant cards in their garden.
    • Comes with clear instructions
    • Easy to play


The design is pretty simple. They are regular playing cards just with different designs on them. The cards seem to hold up to play though they will get bent up a bit from shuffling them, but what cards don't? I think these cards will last quite a while.

The weed killer card has a spray bottle with green liquid on it.

The plant cards have either one, two, three, four, or six pot leaves on them.

The card that says busted has a cop car on it.

The dandelion card has dandelions on it.

The steal card has a suspicious male on it with a flashlight.

The hippie card has a hippie on it.

The POTZILLA card has a dinosaur looking creature on it shooting fire from its mouth.

They come in a little box that on the top says, "Unleash your Inner Hippie with Weed!" Then has a pot leaf. On the back it shows a few of the cards, and talks about them a bit. There is the disclaimer that made me giggle.

Disclaimer: This game is for fun and not meant to encourage drug use. Be smart and don't smoke pot. It's illegal for a reason.

Also it mentions the game is for 2-4 players. Add another deck for 5-8 players.
    • Travel friendly

Personal comments

Well a couple of us here have been playing this game a lot lately. A few things that annoyed us. Only one six plant, only two bust cards, and only one potzilla. I mean seriously?! I am planning on getting some more decks, we figured we would get more and add some extra cards in.

It's pretty easy to catch on to this game. It's a total strategy game as well. Can get a little addicting. I think I may have to try out more games on EF soon, since this one was pretty cool!
    • Addictive
    • Fun
    • Strategy
Follow-up commentary
Still a great game. The cards have still held up to regular usage. I have bought more packs to add to the deck, which makes the game even better. Which I was hoping for. I will continue to buy and tell others about these cards.
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