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Risque probe reviews

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23 reviews

The 10-function Risque plug has a wide variety of fun, strong vibrations, but it's a challenge to use. There are definitely better plugs out there, but this one is not the worst.

This is a fantastic vibrating butt plug if you like different vibrations and sensations, but it may not work well for all body types as it can be difficult to keep in place and has a somewhat uncomfortable base.

If you are a beginner or a moderate user looking for a powerful vibrating butt plug then look no further - that is, unless you want something where the battery cover stays in place.

If you are new to anal play and want something that isn't intimidating and comfortable to use, look no further. For prostate massage, Risques intense vibrations are sure to please. Do you like a nice warm up toy before anal sex? Risque will have you hot and ready in no time. No matter what level of user, or how you like to play, Risque is sure to have something for you.

Knowing what I know now, I probably wouldn't purchase this toy again. I think one could find another vibrating toy with a more ergonomic approach to the design. As a personal thing, this toy is also a tad too small and I'd get something with a bit more girth.

When it comes down to the final thought of if I would recommend this product to someone or not... the answer is NO.

Steer clear of this, it comes out as soon as you insert it, and its more burdensome than useful. I suggest just saving the money for something else.

Great toy, though unlike the rating I'd hardly consider it waterproof in any sense. Keep it dry (inside and around the edge) and you'll do just fine.

Overall, the Risque was pretty disappointing. The vibrations were strong and varied, but it would not stay where it was put, was fairly uncomfortable because of the tip and just did not do it for me at all. My advice? Keep looking for something better.

If you don't mind keeping a hand on the toy, this is a keeper. If you want a plug to be carefree and use both hands, look elsewhere. I recommend this one for beginners but the advanced user will not be impressed. Try it at your own Risque.

With 10 settings of amazing and a waterproof feature, I really couldn't ask for a better probe. It's trickiest feature is keeping it in, making solo play slightly more challenging.

Overall, this is a great design. It feels great and the transfer of vibration through the wall of your anus to finger or dick inserted inside adds to the pleasure. Make sure the seal is tight and waterproof, otherwise you could end up with a short-lived toy, or an abrupt ending to your fun.

If you are looking for a plug that will stay in by itself to wear, I would not recommend this product. However, if you are looking for a very small plug with incredible vibrations with minimal volume, this is most definitely a product to put on your wishlist.

If you know the strengths of the Risque you can incorporate this quality little toy into your repertoire to great effect. Modest size and strong vibes help the beginner to relax and open up to the larger possibilities of anal play.

This is a great toy for partners looking to explore anal together, but not so great for use by yourself. The Risque is powerful yet quiet, but just doesn't seem to want to stay in place on it's own. Using it together, it's a mainstay in our sex life and a great toy for foreplay.

With so many variations of vibrant colors(3), pulses and patterns, you can't go wrong no matter the level of experience. There is a real kick out of this toy while it stays pretty quiet and it is definitely fun to have for that extra spice.

I can't say that this plug is of the highest quality, but I adored it nonetheless. It's strong and soft and much nicer than most plugs you could get in that price range. I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to toys, but this one won me over quite quickly.

Risque is a vibrating plug that is beginner friendly. If you are hoping for one that works for double penetration, this isn't it. The vibrations are powerful, but the plug shape just didn't work for me.

The Risque has some great features, but overall the design of this toy just didn't work for me. My biggest issue with this toy is the size of the neck. I could deal with the other cons, but a plug that won't stay in place is a deal breaker for me.

If you want some vibrations for your ass, and you don't want to get tied up in cords and battery packs, the Risque is a fantastic option. It delivers power and more settings than any anal toy I've ever tried. Do be aware though, some may have issues keeping it secure in their bottoms, and the base may block some lady's vaginal openings, making double penetration a game of twister.

The Risque is packed with powerful vibrations. It is waterproof and made of smooth, pliable TPR. The Risque features 10 functions that include variations of low, medium, and high vibration, pulsation, and escalation. It is powered by 2 Aaa batteries (not included) and is totally self-contained. I recommend the Risque to advanced anal users, as it is a bit plump.

If you're willing to overlook that this toy can't stay inside of you hands-free, but you're looking for a good beginner toy with a seriously powerful motor, grab this up.

This toy is for everyone! From beginners to the most advanced, or should I say the most adventurous. You can take this wherever and use it whenever. You would not believe how quiet it is. You will be the only thing that is making noises, so that might matter if you are a screamer…….

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