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Acrylite beads royal reviews

11 reviews
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11 reviews

I feel this item is worth it because it will definitely add to your sex life, and, who knows, it may even spice it up a little bit more.

Yes, it's cheap and a lot of beginners may think to test these to see if they like anal beads but please don't do it! They are poor quality, rather sharp, and unable to be reused do to the bacteria trapping nylon cord.

This is not an item I could suggest to anyone. The overall design is pretty fantastic, but it is completely negated by one fact: the little string holding it all together is going to get gross very quickly. It's going to be impossible to clean and quickly become a breeding ground for germs. Do not buy!

I found these disappointing. They are hard to clean, messy to insert and take out. The rope takes a while to dry after you wash it by hand. Honestly, I only used these a couple times before giving up on them. If I ever get another pair of anal beads, it will be the kind where the beads all come on a stick made of the same material, and not this rope kind again. It seems like those would be much easier to insert and take out, and to clean after you use them.

For the price they are an excellent set to start out with. The size and flexibility is great for a beginner. Although the cord is difficult to clean, we still have fun with them.

These anal beads are most definitely worth it. They are very versatile, fun, and easy to use. Enjoy with your partner, alone, or with a friend, anywhere, any time.

A great buy for anyone wanting to try a little in the bum. They feel great during intercourse and I absolutely loved having my friend go down on me while gently tugging on the string. It's a good price too!

I wasn't sure if I'd like using anal beads, so I didn't want to spend much on a toy I might dislike. For the price, this was a decent introduction and I would definitely buy this type of toy again. In the future, however, I would definitely pay a few more dollars and get a better product.

Decent beads for the price, but a little larger than expected. Great for anal or vaginal use, however if you plan on using them for anal use, be careful of the first knot, it can tear you up as it is jagged, and did not soften after soaking in water.

While this set of beads may not have much longevity because of how hard they are to clean properly, with care they can be used more than once and in multiple ways. For the price, it's a good way to try out the world of anal/vaginal beads without committing to something super expensive.

Though they may be often referred to as "anal beads", do not let that limit you! There are a wealth of opportunities just waiting for you to exploit with these babies. They can be used anally, vaginally, during sex, alone, with bondage, and I've only had them for a day! There is a reason "anal" beads are a staple of many people's toy chests!

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