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If you are looking for a good versatile set of anal beads these are a good choice. They have a nice look to them, are made of an easy to clean material, and have nice variation in size along the strand. The first few beads can be difficult to insert because the material is a bit floppy, but if you do not mind some extra work getting them in then these are a great choice.

Lots of variety available in a single toy

Fun Factory has been producing this item for years for a reason. It is high quality and well executed. You get the experience of anal beads without all of the problems that are inherent in more traditional versions.

Fun Factory's Bendy Beads combine an anal probe with anal beads to make a perfectly designed mish-mash that is tons of fun to remove but not necessarily to insert. With it's unique desgin, easy to use handle, and velvety silicone there are not too many flaws in this toy considering the quality of what your getting.

I feel like I might simply not be that into anal beads in general, but nonetheless, Bendybeads were a let-down for me. This has unfortunately become one of my least-used toys despite its great craftsmanship and good looks. For me, it's a toy that focused too much on form and not enough on function. If you're looking for something for consistent pleasure during your play time, you may want to look elsewhere. If, however, you're looking for something to spice up a solo session, this may work well.

Bendybeads are a set of gorgeous anal beads made by Fun Factory. They are cast out of a matte black silicone that feels luscious to the touch and looks amazing. These beads have been artfully sculpted and make an elegant addition to the toy chest. These beads can be 100% sterilized which is something that you're not going to find with all anal beads.

The Bendybeads by Fun Factory provide sensations as unique as their design. Looking like a piece of modern art, they also serve well as a hybrid between anal beads and probe, if just a smidge too flexible. If you are looking for that anal toy that will provide that nice "pop" while being hygienic and body-safe, Bendybeads may be just the item. They are certainly worth trying!

A luminescent pea pod plucked from wonderland. Again and again. Perfect for a surrealist getaway. And packing ample oomph to suit even the more sophisticated tastes.

BendyBeads makes anal sex so much pleasurable for me! The gradual progression in bead size makes for easier transition to anal sex, and feels wonderful when left in while partaking in vaginal intercourse for you and your partner. Aside from the difficult clean up, Bendybeads makes for a wonderful anal experience.

Like Purple Peas In A Pod

These beads may look like purple pea pods clinging to a curling silicone vine, but I assure you that they are meant for your butt and not your mouth! Give these a whirl and I swear your butt will be thanking you days. My long search for perfection ends here with Fun Factory scoring another home run with what may be the best beads on the market.

The Bendy Beads are designed with form and function in mind. They are quite long, with graduated beads and a very useful looped handle. The flexibility makes them more comfortable when they're inside of you, but it also makes it more difficult to insert them. They could definitely work well for couples. While the Bendy Beads are not my favorite toy, they're still nice to have around for when anal stimulation is in demand. A high-quality toy at a decent price.

This toy lived up to it's expectations and more. I would recommend bendybeads for experienced anal players and also novices wanting to take the next step up in size.

Bendybeads are definitely a great purchase, even for the anal beginner. They flexibility of the beads makes solo play a little difficult, but they are wonderful for couples. Remember to use lots of water based lube!

Having tried anal beads in the past, I did wonder how one set could vary from another - and now I know! The Bendy Beads arrived in great quality packaging, complete with an instruction and safety manual, and even had a sachet of Fun Factory lubricant

The flexibility of it seems like it would be great, but when you use it, the floppiness of it makes it very difficult to maneuver. Once you get it in to the depth you desire, it feels fine, but it would never do for any kind of thrusting or pumping movements.

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