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Flexible and funky-looking.

The Bendy Beads are designed with form and function in mind. They are quite long, with graduated beads and a very useful looped handle. The flexibility makes them more comfortable when they're inside of you, but it also makes it more difficult to insert them. They could definitely work well for couples.

While the Bendy Beads are not my favorite toy, they're still nice to have around for when anal stimulation is in demand. A high-quality toy at a decent price.
Beautiful design; easy to clean; graduated beads; user-friendly handle; informative packaging.
Overly flexible; grooves made clean anal play difficult; final bead was difficult to insert.
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As the name implies, Fun Factory's Bendy Beads are best used as anal beads. I have heard of them being used vaginally, and while I cannot personally test this claim, they don't seem like they would be pleasurable when used in that way. While it's classified as an anal probe, the flexibility makes it difficult to use in such a way.

The toy can be manipulated in a number of ways. Getting the first bead in will likely require you to hold onto a bead further down the length of the toy; the flexibility makes it difficult to get it where it needs to go when held at its end. However, once you have one or two beads in, feel free to use the looped handle to move it in and out as you please.

The best occasion to use this toy is one where you've got plenty of time to enjoy the sensations of anal beads; it isn't a process to be enjoyed hastily. Also, since manipulation can be difficult by oneself, spending time with a partner and this toy may be more enjoyable.

As for safety precautions, the toy's bendy nature comes in handy; it flexes very easily, so it conforms to the shape of your internal anatomy with ease. Going back to my point about vaginal use, it's probably a little long to fully enjoy, and doesn't gain considerable girth until it reaches the midpoint or so.

Furthermore, the looped base has a curl in it which will help prevent it from entering the body completely. The handle is also fairly large, so it would take a good deal of force to lose it inside of yourself or someone else. Seriously, it's not worth trying.

Material / Texture

The material is quite lovely, being 100% medical-grade silicone. It is odorless, tasteless and non-porous. The surface is velvety smooth and matte in texture, which feels quite nice. This alone adds to the sensation by being comfortable, but the design of the toy itself is where the stimulation will truly come from.

It is a very firm material; it has some give, but it isn't squishy by any stretch of the imagination. I would say that the texture is very beginner-friendly, being smooth and having the essential flexibility to prevent injury.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the Bendy Beads is really very impressive. Fun Factory is known for its artistic and cute designs. While the Bendy Beads are not as adorable as their cousin, the Flexi Felix, they are certainly impressive to look at. In terms of shape, the beads are a beautiful ovoid shape, and are intertwined with a noticeably thick helical "ribbon" which adds both to visual appeal and physical stimulation. The almost-elegantly looped base is both functional and attractive, not to mention durable.

The size varies from tip to base, graduating from a relatively small bead to a much larger one. This makes it good for advancing in size for beginners, or as a warm-up tool before anal sex or the use of larger toys. However, the final bead is a little difficult for me to get in, partially due to its girth, and partially due to its proximity to the curl of the base. It can be managed, however, and feels great once in. It just takes a little time and patience.

This toy is quite the opposite of realistic. It may bring to mind things such as molecular structure and alien probes... And if that works for you, then go for it. Despite its unrealistic appearance, it cannot pass as discreet either, as I believe it is fairly obvious as to what it would be used for. If you wish to bring it with you on a vacation, it could be managed; it's long and bendy and will fit in luggage with relative ease.


The best aspects of this toy in terms of performance would be the gradually-enlarging beads, the "ribbon" encircling the beads and the fashionable-yet-functional base. These things combined make it a pleasure to use, providing slow, steady progression, tactile stimulation where it's needed, and safe, easy extraction.

The aspects of this toy which might benefit from change would be its excessive flexibility and the ridges in the design. The bendy aspect of the toy make it difficult to insert, especially at the first bead or two. The ridges created by the encircling ribbon and spaces between the beads make clean anal play more difficult, especially given the length of the toy... It also requires a more thorough cleaning as a result.

Care and Maintenance

Being 100% silicone, this toy is also 100% non-porous. No bacterial colonies will be making their home on your Bendy Beads! However, cleaning is still very important. Wash it well with soap and warm water, being sure to get into all the spaces between beads. It can be further sanitized with a 10% bleach solution, left on for a few moments and then rinsed and cleansed with soap. To really ensure its cleanliness, feel free to boil it for a few minutes or stick it in the dishwasher, top rack, no soap.

As I mentioned before, its texture often gets it a little... dirtier than one would like. However, it still cleans well, so don't let that stop you.This toy can be stored as you would any other toy. The packaging it comes in also makes a good storage case, if you so desire.

As this toy is silicone, it is best to avoid silicone lubes. If you simply cannot live without your silicone lube, do a test spot on the very bottom of the base. If it becomes tacky and you cannot remove the ensuing gunk without your fingernail, the toy is incompatible. Be sure to test it with each individual brand of lube, as the chemical composure differs between lubes.


The Bendy Beads came in some very impressive packaging. It is made of a sturdy cardboard, with a display window in the front that conforms to the toy. The packaging was colorful and informative, with a magnetically-attached, hinged panel on the back which, when opened, shared some general information. The inside of the packaging included the toy itself, a sample of Fun Factory "Toyfluid" lube, a small pamphlet regarding the toy and its relatives, and a miniature, full-colour catalogue of other Fun Factory products.

I have kept the packaging, as it can be used as a storage box; it's also quite informative and attractive, so it's nice to keep it. If you're giving the Bendy Beads as a gift, please do keep it in the packaging. It's easier to wrap that way anyhow, as it won't be wriggling everywhere as you struggle to tape it!

Personal comments

I think the Bendy Beads is another one of Fun Factory's wonderfully creative toys, designed with artfulness and anatomy in mind. Form and function combined, it's a pleasure to look at, as well as fun to use. It isn't perfect by any means, but it's a nice, body-safe, hygienic addition to any collection. I would not recommend it for beginners to anal beads, as I was, as the size may be a bit much. Furthermore, this bead-probe hybrid is quite flexible, so consider it as more of a bead type toy. It is best used for slow, steady insertion and removal at the desired speed, rather than constant thrusting.


My first experience with the Bendy Beads was a little disappointing, but it was more or less because I wasn't entirely sure how I liked to used anal beads. I also had a little difficulty in getting the first bead or two in, as the toy would bend and flex and slide around quite a bit. I decided that I would need to hold it by the second bead to get the first in. After I successfully inserted the first two beads I continued to insert them slowly, and only barely accommodated the final bead. I extracted them with relative ease, given the well-designed handle. I repeated this for a while.
It felt nice as each bead "popped" in and out, but it was difficult to reinsert if the whole apparatus was removed, especially with lube everywhere.

Subsequent uses were more successful as I knew what to expect. It felt especially nice when quickly removed during orgasm. It intensified the sensation and added a new dimension to it. It felt like it lasted a little longer, but that could just be my perception.
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  • SexyTigerX
    Nice review.

    I was wondering how long the Bendy Beads are and the diameter of the largest bead?
  • Kangoshi
    Thank you!
    The Bendy Beads themselves are roughly 10 and a half inches long, including the handle, and the largest bead has a circumference of about 4 inches or so. This is according to Edenfantasys' details on the item, and it seems about right, too.
    I hope that is helpful.
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    I was wondering if the matte finish causes any friction when manipulating the toy in and out?
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