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Black anal-T Black anal-T

Vibrating probe by WHK GmbH

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Black anal-T reviews

21 reviews
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21 reviews

While we had fun with this product, it's not our favorite. There were a lot of things that we felt could have been better about it. He couldn't use it on his own because it wouldn't stay in place. We feel like it is a couples toy because you needed a hand to hold it in place.

This toy is a must-have for any guy, from age 18 to 80! Fun, easy, sensational, and discreet. Even though it is a powerful vibration, you can slip it in your ass and your muscles will hold it in. You can fulfill your girlfriend while vibrations rip through your body, making your orgasm one you'll never forget!

This was a great addition to our fun toys and would recommend this to anyone. We got it at a great price and it rocks our world!

If you are looking to dive into the world of anal play, this is the perfect toy for that adventure. It is easy to operate and control without being overwhelming, yet still enough adventure for the more experienced anal players.

I am so impressed with this inexpensive toy that is suitable for beginners and experienced. I am a female and this also works great for us!! I like to combine it with use of vaginal toys and it leads to some explosive orgasms. It's not a huge investment for those who are determining if they like anal play. The husband also likes the prostate stimulations.

This item is good for moderate anal or vaginal stimulation (but not both!), because of the buzzy serface vibrations. It's also very easy to insert becasue of it's small size! It's also great for letting your partner take control once in a while.

Considering I paid less than $6 for the Anal T, this toy is a great deal and powerful to boot. Comparable toys can be $20 and up. This is great for a beginner. Veterans or size-queens will want something larger like the Colt Waterproof Anal T, which is much longer. For those looking for vibrating patterns and targeted Prostate stimulation, I'd highly recommend the "Get a Grip" by Evolved. This toy would be rated a 5 if it had a longer cord and if it stayed inserted.

This toy was a hit in our bedroom; it had him grabbing the wall and screaming under his breath. We definitely have a new favorite anal toy in our house.

The Black Anal T is an unintimidating, mulit-speed vibrator that I found to be a good introduction to anal vibrators. It isn't too large or too powerful. Anybody with much experience with anal play, however, may find this toy lacking in size and power.

Overall, this product is wonderful, especially for the price. I would definitely recommend this for beginners and advanced users alike. I know that if this one ever dies, I'll be buying another one right away.

Though marketed as a p-spot vibrator, the Anal-T is clearly a ladies' man as well. Whether used for vaginal or anal insertion or used for clitoral stimulation, the "T" aims to please. The bad news is I think my boyfriend has been replaced!

The Black Anal-T for me and my husband was not the best toy to use as a beginner in the anal field. While it is waterproof, smooth and has a control pack with different settings it was also too big and loud for us. I would recommend this toy for somebody who is well experienced in the anal field looking for some solo fun or couple fun.

This anal-T is worth its price in a multitude of ways. It is easy to travel with, water-proof and the main reason for me, is the vibrations that it gives off.

Overall, this is a great toy. I wouldn't say it's one of my favorites simply because it is so large, but I think it would be perfect for a lot of other people. My only complaints were the girth and the short cord.

This is a powerful toy that will give the wearer anywhere from mild to intense vibrations anally. It is great for beginners, partner play, or for solo, more experienced users.

This is a toy that is worth the price it's sold for. It's a good toy for anal exploration, it can work well for clitoral stimulation, and it's ok for "G" spot stimulation if you have an easily accessible "G" spot. It may be too short or have too weak vibrations to stimulate your "P" spot. All in all it's a good, inexpensive toy though not stellar.

I'm gonna have to give this product 2 thumbs up! It's quiet, powerful, and made a believer out of me that there can be pleasure for people who are weary of trying anal sex.

Although I was disappointed, I'm definitely keeping this toy for my arsenal. Alright for solo play, probably better with a partner. Good for beginners with enough lube.

I would say that this is a great toy to have around the house. If you are looking for a simple anal toy that still has strong vibes, this is the one for you. If you are nervous about anal play, try this toy, it is great for first time users.

great fun for your money and you will never experience anything quite like it. so have a fun time and never stop experimenting.

The Black Anal-T is a strong, multi-setting, prostate vibrator. It’s easy to insert and all types of lubricants can be used. While I’m concerned if it’s truly waterproof and the cord is a tad short, the toy more than makes up for it by hitting my prostate very well.

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