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Colt shower shot reviews

15 reviews
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15 reviews

Good for playful shower time by yourself or with a partner. Feels good especially when adjusting the water temp from hot to cold and back and forth.

In closing, this is a good product after you buy those other parts, or if you have really low fittings that you could connect it to.

I thought it was purely dissapointing. I am not much into enema play,and even though...It still hurt when i used it.

Don't bother. Look elsewhere unless this is updated and reworked. It is sorta useless in the end, and does poorly what other products do perfectly.

There are plenty of enema kits out there but the Colt shower shot stands out as an excellent example of good construction, high water volume, and deep cleansing that serious enthusiasts want in their enema systems. Nothing I have used has been as convenient, effective, or comfortable.

I received this little gem in the post and had to try it out. From the off I knew I was on to a winner: the packaging was spot on with no fiddly plastic to fight with to start. Once all the pieces were assembled (no need for a degree in engineering), it was off to the shower for me. Size wise it is perfect as it isn't on the over large size and was easily inserted with out problem, a spot of shower gel to assist is my tip here. Once in and the water is running, all I can only say is 'oooh!

The Colt Shower Shot is a cheap, effective enema that cleans you out quickly. It is easy to hook up and easy to use. There are a few things that can be improved and most of those can be fixed with a quick trip to your local hardware store.

Overall I wanted to believe the hype and think that I could throw my refill required enema bag away, but for me I found that this wasn't the case. The time consuming shower head installation, difficult insertion, and uncomfortable position Negatives were not made up for by the constant water Positive. I do not like wasting money, but after these few attempts I don't see myself using it again. The CSS is a brilliant idea but just didn't work for me, 2/5.

This great product does wonders for my anal hygiene. It keeps me fresh and clean when I need to be. I just hope the short hose is not a problem in the future.

Once you figure out the best way to position yourself to make up for the short hose, this item is a quick to set up, easy to use item. It's very efficient at cleaning yourself out, and provides a good method for those new to having an enema done/those new to anal play. I think it's great for someone new to anal play who wants to experience it with others to remove the stress of not having appropriate hygiene.

High end enema kits cost $100's of dollars while drug store enema solutions are affordable it often takes so many uses that it isn't an efficient use of time. This shower dong is not only affordable but much faster and simpler to use than the other options out there. Granted, if you are one who mixes a custom solution for each enema this will not work for you, but if you simply want to ensure your entire rectum is cleaned with plain water this is a godsend.

Feel clean and confident for hours! The Colt Shower Shot is by far the, easiest to use and, most exciting enema I have ever tried! The insertable penis shaped head creates an enema experience unlike any other. It's not like a chore anymore!

This is a good investment minus the one person having to hold in the tool. Also, it is easier to clean this then an enema set because the hole is smaller then most enema kits.

This is a device I am going to use again and again. It was extremely easy to set up and to use, taking hardly any time at all to figure out. I bought it specifically with enema use in mind, and it worked very well, flushing me out quickly and completely. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good and easy enema device.

Overall, the COLT shower shot had more cons than pros. As I had said, vaginally and anally, it felt sensational, but the aftermath was horrible if applied anally.

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