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Elite silicone douche reviews

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Do you want to have a clean butthole? Here’s a stick with a bulb on the end that’ll squirt water up there. This thing has one very specific job, and it sure does it well.

I love this douche, and I would recommend it. I love everything about it. However at the thickest part of the nozzle is 3 inches around the head (that only lasts a second) and the shaft is 2 1/2", and that's not a bad thing for me, but for some people, it might be, that's my only warning to anyone.

This douche is a great item for cleaning up a bit internally if you plan on using anal toys or want to be prepared for anal sex. Its firm nozzle makes insertion a breeze, but the size of it may be seen as too large to some. It's not a small douche, that's for sure, but the size does mean the bulb can hold quite a bit of water before needing to be refilled.

Wanting an improvement over our inexpensive anal syringe, we decided to give this anal douche a try, and though it costs more, the quality/safety of materials and the fact it is more comfortable to use make this product worth the slight premium of costing more than our earlier solution. I would highly recommend this if you are looking for such a product.

This anal douche is perfect for giving you a bit of a fresher clean feeling. It's easy to use and made from high quality, body-safe silicone. Perfect for cleaning yourself before or if you're just feeling a little unclean.

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