Colt shower shot - anal kit by Cal Exotics - review by Tasty Blonde Angel

COLT shower shot sex toy review

Overall, the COLT shower shot had more cons than pros. As I had said, vaginally and anally, it felt sensational, but the aftermath was horrible if applied anally.
The COLT Shower Shot felt sensational vaginally and anally.
Anally, it's a mess. The dong is small. It leaks around the shower head.
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somewhat useful review
My fiancé and I were very excited when we had received the COLT Shower Shot in the mail. We wanted to plan to use it on a night when he wasn’t showering because he came home from work filthy. He wanted it to be a moment where we could set the mood and enjoy ourselves.

The day it happened was perfect. We were both home from work because it had snowed, and we couldn’t get out of the house. We set the mood with sensual music and candles that were aesthetically pleasing to the eye and had a lovely aroma. We were so horny and ready to receive whatever the COLT Shower Shot had to offer.

We pulled it out of the package and were slightly disappointed in the size. It looked bigger in the picture than it did in all actuality. Regardless, we unscrewed our shower head and applied the COLT Shower Shot. Unfortunately, it leaked at the top of the shower head a little, even with the rings that the package had supplied.

Regardless, in the shower, we rubbed each other, sucked on nipples and earlobes, and he inserted the COLT into me. I moaned loudly because it felt as if I had him cumming in me. Oh, it felt so good when he tantalized me sliding the COLT in and out of my pussy. Then he slid the COLT around my highly sensitive areas and inserted it into my ass as he fingered me. I was so aroused.

Then, he pulled the COLT out, and let’s say that wasn’t so great. The COLT pretty much cleans you out as if you were a 40+ year old male who took the supplement that you take before a good, ole colonoscopy. I was so embarrassed. Don't get me wrong; it felt good, but I was so embarrassed when it was pulled out with what had followed. To me, the moment was ruined. I told him though if he wanted to play with it, he could, but I was done.

As I lay in bed watching TV, he came out of the shower a little while after and was embarrassed and displeased. He and I both agreed that vaginally it was nice for me to feel and for him to arose me, but anally maybe you would want to do it by yourself. This was because it felt good, but the aftermath was not so great. After both of us were done using it, we had to run to the bathroom quite a few times because it continued to clean us out. This was horrible, but it could possibly be good for your colon. I doubt we're going to use it again, unless it's vaginally.
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  • Hmmm...

    The toy is listed under douches and enemas so the results don't really surprise me.

  • I think that this review is so funny. I only use enemas to cleanse before anal sex or other anal play.  If you're going to use something like this for sex play with your partner, it's a big DUH to either use it alone first to cleanse or otherwise clean yourself out beforehand. hahah
  • Alt
    Well yes, that is what happens when you put water in your butt, it will need to come out, and the result will be matter that is in there. Might not be wonderful if u don't use it first (or another enema) to first clean out up there, and then use it to insert, and shoot out clear streams of water, unlike the mess I am sure probably wasn't too pleasent at the time. Try it again when you both fully clean out your butt and I am sure it will be a lot more fun. Best of luck
  • All In
    Great review and thank you for your honest account with it.

    I definitely want to try it now for cleaning purposes but now I'm thinking about trying it for other ones as well
  • I hope you have gotten over the typical trepidation of feces funk. The fact is feces are so archetypal, so ancestral, so built into our genomic history--symbolic of death...and life.

    Yes. It is upsetting, at first. But, wow, it is also in a wierd way, life affirming. Enema Party On. 
  • Fireblood13
    Well this was listed under Anal Toys  > Douche and enema  so it should have been rather obvious what it was for. I'm not sure if you just didn't know what an enema was, but they're meant to clean you out.
  • Foxxy Kitty
    Um..hun...a douche/enema is supposed to clean you out, hence the reason why stuff comes out of your bum hole! I'm someone who has anal sex quite frequently, so poo/fecal matter doesnt bother me, at least it shouldnt, or else i wouldnt be having anal sex at all! hehe.
  • Bulma
    I'm not sure I would want an enema with something shaped like a cock.  I would also be a little concerned about the ability to control the water flow.  Sounds too cumbersome to be worth it honestly.

    Also after using it anally, you really shouldn't use it vaginally unless you use a condom, which would totally defeat the purpose of this and probably be impossible.  Keep in mind that Jelly can't be sterilized.
  • Well, after using it and actually reading the box, I realized it was an enema/douche. This toy I was sent and didnt ask for, but was fine that it was being sent. Although we do have anal, this was too much funk that I would get embarrassed about with my hubby. So, I would say, as far as its purpose, it did what it was suppose to do, it definitely cleans you out.
  • i wanted to buy one but reading the comments,im not sure anymore,the best water sensation you can have is in a spa,back your pussy up to the water pressure and you will have the best orgasm of your life,i have!
  • Lady Neshamah
    great review
  • buz
  • Eucaly
    Thank you!
  • chucky
  • Bignuf
    So sorry your experience was bad. In fact, that device did exactly what it was supposed to do, clear you out. That is what an anal enema IS. However, I am not sure it is a good thing for your colon. Also, that continued running to the bathroom is NOT my idea of fun. We will pass on this one! Thanks for your review.
  • godweensatan
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