Colt shower shot - anal kit by Cal Exotics - review by Scarlet

Colt shower shot sex toy review

This is a device I am going to use again and again. It was extremely easy to set up and to use, taking hardly any time at all to figure out. I bought it specifically with enema use in mind, and it worked very well, flushing me out quickly and completely. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good and easy enema device.
Extremely easy to set up and use, nice insertable size, leaves you feeling fresh and clean.
Dong leaks slightly when in use if not inserted completely.
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useful review
The instant I found the package at my door I went upstairs and tore into it. I took out the Colt Shower Shot Spraying Water Dong|Anal kits: Colt shower shot and examined it. It came with three very simple parts, just the dong, a metal hose, and washers, as well as very simple instructions. The instructions simply read: “unscrew shower head. Add washers to prevent water leak and screw in hose.”

Excited, I took it into the bathroom for further examination. I noticed that the dong itself has holes not only in the tip but all along the sides of it as well. I followed the directions and had the Shower Shot installed in under a minute. It helped that I already have a detachable shower head, so all I had to do was unscrew that hose, attach the washer to the dong’s hose, attach the hose, and attach the dong, and voila! It was incredibly easy to do and took no time at all.

I turned on the shower and watched as water shot out in all directions from the dong. I felt a little intimidated, but only because, despite being a long-time anal practitioner and advocate I had never experienced an enema before, which is what I bought this dong specifically for. I was so excited, however, that I just had to try it out right away! I emptied myself before hand to make the job of the enema much easier and then got down to work.

The box claims that the dong itself is 6.5” long, though the insertable part is about 4.5” of the length, the rest is a ribbed handle and where the dong screws into the hose. I lubed myself and the dong up with spit before inserting it. It is about an average width, and not terribly long, but an average size for most butt plugs, so it was easy to get inside without much trouble.

I adjusted the water to a lukewarm setting and turned on the shower. I felt the water rushing into me and filling me up, which was definitely a new sensation but not unpleasant. The dong did leak a little because of the way it is designed, with all the holes on the sides, and I hadn’t gotten it in the entire way, there was maybe a 1/4 of an inch still out, which was enough for the water to leak out. However, the water which leaked out was not filthy in any way (I checked) and it was not a huge deterrent for me either. [Editor's note: this toy is jelly and cannot be sterilized- don't share!]

The water ran for about ten to fifteen seconds before I turned it off, slipping the toy out of me and clenching my sphincter muscles so that none of the water would come out as I moved from the bathtub to the toilet. I waited a little bit before releasing the water, but once I did I felt incredibly fresh and clean.

This is a device I am going to use again and again, potentially as part of a daily cleaning ritual. I plan on writing a follow up review once I have used it multiple times and have more of an idea of how it works over multiple uses.
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  • Did it have that new-toy smell that comes with jelly?

    How did you clean it afterwards? Definitely a personal-use only item, since it can't be cleaned fully! 
  • Bulma
    Is this meant only for enemas?  The whole water thing is a bit weird, so I wasn't sure what all a person could do with this thing.
  • Essin' Em
    A note on this; please be careful with squirting water into the vaginal canal.  While it's mostly fine, if there is air with the water (or air on its own!), it can (in a few cases), cause an embolism.  Just something to be careful with! Otherwise, I'm a huge fun of water as a sex toy, just more in the form of a massaging shower head.
  • Scarlet

    It didn't really have that new-toy smell as you put it.  I would attribute that to just how thin the actual jelly is, since it is hollow to allow it to fill with water it is not very thick at all, so, less jelly, less smell?

    Directly after taking it out I rinsed it with water, but then after I was finished (I should have mentioned this, thank you) I washed it with antibacterial soap and water inside and out to get it as clean as possible.  Like you said, it's jelly it can't be cleaned fully, and also because of all the holes it would be difficult to use with a condom (my general practice with jelly toys, which keeps them cleaner than otherwise), so there is little else that can be done but try to make sure it is as clean as possible.


    It is meant specifically for enemas, I believe, as it is labeled as an "anal kit" specifically, though it could be used for douches as well (though, personally, I don't douche), but see Essin' Em's comment on douching with this item, as it could be dangerous!  I would recommend it highly as an enema toy, and do not intend to experience it as a douche. It could be used for fucking as well, perhaps as a prelude to the enema with a partner or without, or just as a toy, though since it is hollow it is not very solid without the water in it.

    Essin' Em-

    Thank you for this note!  Very useful and good to know (not something I was aware of), and, now that I think about it, that's probably why it's labeled as an "anal kit" specifically, and not anal/vaginal or something similar.
  • This is a new one for me... one I think I shall add to the arsenal! Nice review, thanks for your viewpoint!
  • Thanks for the review. I've been wanting to get one for awhile. It's nice to know about the holes on the side.
  • Nashville
    I remember watching a video a while back of a girl masturbating with a garden hose.. this toy reminds me so much of that film!
  • Nixon_42
    Great review... I've been thinking about getting this to help speed up the, "Preparation"process for Anal play
  • Lif3sambiguity
    great review
  • fromazoo
    Thanks for the review
  • krisvida
    (: Thanks for the review!
  • Emma
    awesome review
  • bayosgirl
  • Bignuf
    Thanks for the good, detailed review.
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