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Enspiral anal toy reviews

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Not great, not terrible. Does what it's supposed to. Go for something that uses better materials, and possibly another manufacturer at that.

This is a decent toy. It's a good shape, especially for people newer to anal play, but it's made of a porous material, so it's not very sanitary. And it has a very, very strong smell that will not go away.

The Enspiral has such a cool looking shape, unfortunately that pointy top stopped my pleasure in its tracks. I couldn't use the toy to its full intended potential. It still is a great buy if you are curious about swirled toys since that part felt pretty good, of for those who like a bit of pain with their pleasure.

We enjoyed this toy, but it could use a few design modifications. The point was a little too sharp if you are inserting it all the way and the shaft was difficult to hold on to for thrusting once it was inserted all the way. As a butt plug, it stays in but was a little too long and could have been larger.

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