L'Amour premium silicone beaded probe by Cal Exotics - reviews

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L'Amour premium silicone beaded probe reviews

13 reviews
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13 reviews

I really enjoyed getting to try this toy and am happy that it is added to my collection. Can't wait to see what Cal Exotics puts out next.

This toy had very few positive things to say about it. Most importantly it was almost impossible to use. I hope the other L'amour toys are more fun.

The L'Amour Beaded Anal Probe is a great anal toy for anyone who prefers a smaller toy or for those that are new to anal play. It is nicely designed and feels just as good going in as it does coming out.

I would have no problem recommending this waterproof silicone anal toy to anyone. It's effective, the price is good, and you will have no worries about cleaning it.

When compared to plugs and beads, the L'Amour probe just doesn't have what it takes to be a top competitor. While I praise Cal Exotics for choosing silicone for an anal toy, I also have to scold the company for not trying harder to make this probe a little more interesting. What makes it stand out? Nothing.

The graduated beads on the L'Amour Beaded Probe will allow beginners and intermediate users a fun challenge, but only if the sensation of beads is one that works for you. Additionally, the beads wouldn't stay in for me which makes this a foreplay only toy. As that is not what I like using anal toys for, it's been sitting gathering dust.

This toy was worth it to me because it was a whole new side of fulfilling in a new, safe way. It's a toy that both beginners and advanced users can enjoy. I would especially recommend this toy to anyone who is looking to try anal play but has no previous experience, it's a great starter toy and a favorite in my collection!

After using the anal 101 intro beads it was time to move up. I felt much fuller and these gave a greater anal sensation. The popping sensation in intercourse is very orgasmic. I made noises that I had never made before. The hook on the end gives the user a grip to control the beads. These have been great for someone new to anal play, but not a beginner anymore! If this is anything like the alien anal probes....They can abduct me anytime. These will be well used!

All in all, this toy is a high quality toy that will be around for a while with proper care, but if you are looking for advanced exploration, you might want to find something a little bigger.

I wanted to love the L'amour probe, but the lack of quality control, the fact that the material smelled even after repeated washings/boiling, and that I couldn't fully insert this toy without someone there to hold it in place for me made me hate it instead. My advice? Skip this, and get Fun Factory's Bendybeads instead.

I'm not hating this at all, it does its job and it does it decently enough. There are a few things which could be improved upon, namely the seam and the extremely flexible hook. The size makes for a great starter toy, whether that be an introduction to anal at all or just for that session. It's silicone which is always a plus.

The L'amour probe is one of my favorite toys so far, and a great beginner's anal toy. I plan on expanding my anal collection but this will most definitely stay at the top of my list.

The L'Amour beaded probe would be a great toy for beginners to anal play, or for anyone looking for a slimmer, textured toy for thrusting. I was hoping this probe would stay in place for double penetration, and was disappointed to discover that it doesn't.

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