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Love pacifier beginner reviews

25 reviews
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25 reviews

I am displeased to learn that this item has been discontinued on Eden, but I did a quick internet search and found this item in several other places still selling for a reasonable price. Overall, beginners might still find this item appealing, and more advanced users can also still find the advanced pacifier online. I'd even say check the Eden buy/sell section.

If you're a real beginner, and not even a finger has been in your ass, give this a try. However, the seam may feel odd. I suppose everyone is different. This plug is good for the price and safety, and it will be less likely to be a shock going in.

I'd recommend this toy to anyone, especially those interested in trying anal for the first time. Perfectly curved angle, paired with small size, comfort and loop handle make the first attempts effortless and enjoyable! Great colors, too!

If you are curious and have no anal experience, this is for you. If you have any experience with anal at all, keep on walking!

If this toy were ridgeless and a bit softer, I would love it for initiating novices to the pleasures of anal play. Unfortunately, those issues make the toy barely acceptable, and could really detract from a first time anal experience.

This toy is very reasonable price wise, so if you are curious about trying out an anal toy, why not try it?

I recommend this plug for beginners. The price seems fair. This toy will probably last forever, because of the strength of the ringed handle. Its shape really impacts how penetration feels, without having to use a huge uncomfortable plug. It gets the job done without over-complication.

This is a great little 100% silicone butt plug. It is flexible, yet has a firm bulb where it counts. Its tapered design makes insertion comfortable and the difference in size between the bulb and the small comfortable neck helps the plug stay in and provides a satisfying POP when removed. Easy to use and easy to clean. Great plug at a great price.

This an excellent plug to start with. Catering to first time users, this plug is the best you can get for the price. A great size to play with along with a ergonomic shape won't leave you in tears. 100% silicone and non porous makes it fully sanitizable ensures a through cleaning. It stays in and won't get lost. You have nothing to fear.

The Love Pacifier beginner size is a standard anal plug that is comfortable and easy to use. It is made out of a safe material and is a size that most beginners and intermediate users should be able to enjoy. Depending on the person, this one is also a nice size for use with an insertable vaginal toy.

Best butt plug for the price, especially for a silicone toy. I wholeheartedly recommend this toy for beginners and experienced.

This is a very simple toy that can provide some great rewards for a very reasonable price. For those experienced in anal play, other toys will provide a better option.

Though it isn't perfect I can say without hesitation that this plug is well worth the money you will spend on it. It is well shaped and comfortable to wear, body safe and can be easily sterilized. It works well as an introduction to plugs, but those who are complete anal virgins might be more comfortable with a slightly smaller toy. Overall the benefits of the Love Pacifier Beginner far outweigh its shortcomings.

This plug is a great value. It's prefect for someone looking for a pure silicone plug that stays in place. Also, it comes in pretty colors.

I think this toy is worth its cost considering how cheap it is. Since this is probably one of your first few anal toys, you may want to look at a higher end toy though as it's hard enough learning how to relax your anal muscles without having the discomfort from the seam on this toy.

This is a stationary plug. Its ergonomic curved shape will lock in you like hook in a fish. Not ideal for dipping or thrusting. But for long term use or wearing during sex, it'll stay locked in you like Excalibur. Luckily, when you're ready to pull this sword from the stone, just grab a hold of its circular hilt and you can easily remove this mystically unmovable object when the time is right.

This is a great deal on a fantastic little toy! If you like anal play, but prefer it on the smaller side, this is the toy for you.

This has been a very exciting toy for the two of us. I'm loving the new sensations this has provided both of us with (especially me!). It will continue to be a toy we use once in a while for that special, over the top kind of night. We both highly recommend it, and make sure to have a look at the advanced model if this size isn't right for you. I can't see it being anything but stellar. Price / performance is great, can't get better for the money, give it a shot.

Why isn't this in your cart yet? Shame on you! You can't beat this price for a silicone butt plug. The ring is much more comfortable than those with a disk-like base, so it's perfect to wear all day to keep you warmed up! The curve of it adds to its comfort factor too. I used it to make a kitty tail butt plug - the base of the tail Velcros through the ring. Tail stays nice and snug, and they can be washed separately.

This toy has all its bang for a small amount of buck. It's strong, good for a beginner (when warmed up properly), and it is such a delight to have it in my toy box. I am glad I made this buyout, and it's going down in history as one of the best buttplugs ever.

This is a great buy for a silicone toy. Beginners can experiment with this and not be scared or intimidated by the size. I would recommend this toy for a beginner only, if you are more experienced there are upgrades to this toy available, including the Love Pacifier X10 beads, and the love pacifier advanced and the teardrop.

This is a versatile toy for him or her, an easy introduction to anal play and still a keeper after you've moved on to bigger things.

This is a great toy and they did their homework when designing it. The angled neck keeps it securely in place which is hard to find in most other plugs.

This is a great starter toy and the price is reasonable. Silicone is the way to go. The beginner pacifier is not long enough to hit the prostate, but still feels really comfortable.

Overall, the Love Pacifier is a high quality toy. I would recommend it for anal beginners and anyone who is looking for a good multi-use toy.

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