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A Cherry Starter

This toy has all its bang for a small amount of buck. It's strong, good for a beginner (when warmed up properly), and it is such a delight to have it in my toy box. I am glad I made this buyout, and it's going down in history as one of the best buttplugs ever.
Cheap, well made with safe materials, great design.
Sensitive noses may have to wash to get the cherry scent off.
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I initially wanted to buyout this assignment for two reasons: one, to have a starter buttplug for my lover who needs sufficient warming up to do anal, and two to have more stuff to review and add to my little box. I had seen good reviews/comments for this product and am excited to add my own.

Upon receiving the toy, the cherry smell was noticeable after I opened the Fedex box. The product page never mentioned it was scented, so perhaps that should be added. The scent isn't unpleasant, it smells exactly like sugary cherries, but it does cling to things. Leave it on your sheets and that spot on the sheets will smell like cherry until you put Goldbond body powder on the spot or wash it fully. The smell does leave once you boil the product (you may or may not have to wash it gently by hand with Dr. Bronner's, like I did, but I always do that to toys), which you can since it's TPR silicone. I'm just sensitive to smells, so you may not experience the same thing as me unless you're as sensitive. I need things pretty hypo-allergenic, and perfume/fragrance free, because of this sensitivity. However, it's smelling just fine now and shouldn't be a continued problem for the user.

The shape which is like a thick heavy acorn-like bulb is pleasant. It slides in great if you hold the shaft part, as opposed to the ring part upon insertion. With any anal play, do warm up your partner or yourself for solo play. The thin and short shaft to the plug does have some give, so you have the opportunity to pull on the plug by the ring to give a few teasing sensations. The lubes you should use with this toy have to be water-based since it has silicone in it, and silicone lube does not work well with silicone toys. For removal, you can either use the ring or grab the little shaft and pull from there. However make sure your partner is fully relaxed, since the anus muscles may involuntarily contract, since it's a lot easier to insert (from it's small to big ratio size) than pull out (big to small ratio size).

Another pleasant thing was I did not find a "seam" from the process, making like earlier (and cheaply made) buttplug products I had bought in the past. That was one concern since those seams tend to be rough and actually needed smoothing out, with gentle sandpapering, or it would cut the lining of the rectum. It's really pesky, like a paper cut, and not pleasant during the experience.

This toy is for an absolute beginner. This is also a toy that you might not want to leave in, opt for a flat (but flared) base instead. If you want something larger, you can go for the Love pacifier advanced. If you like the shape and want to explore anal beads, check out the Love pacifier X-10 beads. I'll be purchasing both fairly soon and will review them as well!
The tear drop / acorn like bulb is a great fit for me. I like that it gradually gets bigger, but also can do that satisfying full feeling that other more sleek buttplugs lack. It does not go too far in, so there may need to be some finagling to try and get P-spot stimulation, but the natural curve of the toy does hit the spot for me. I also enjoyed being able to manipulate the toy easily with the ring, and small shaft, in a "swish" motion side to side to provide further tantalizing stimulation. A definite must for yourself or your partner!
Follow-up commentary
The initial cherry-ish smell has faded, and I tend to use this now only when I haven't used anal for quite some time. It's very beginner, but still good to keep around.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Adriana Ravenlust
    What is Dr. Bronner's? And why would a flat base be better for leaving in? Just cause sitting or whatnot might be easier?
  • bodymodboy
    Dr. Bronner's is a brand of pure organic castile soap that I use. It neutralizes smells very easily and is great for my sensitive skin. And a flat base would be better for leaving in because of sitting and other functions like walking can be done. Some people find leaving a small buttplug in throughout the day makes anal sex later that night easier.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    almost thought this was a C-ring at first! Tongue out

    Great review! Big smile
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