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Pleasure #1 Pleasure #1

Butt plug by Happy Valley

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Pleasure #1 reviews

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20 reviews

The Pleasure #1 butt plug is made out of a great material, and goes for a very small price. However, it is a very small plug. It is meant for beginners only, though, even a total anal virgin would outgrow this little fella before too long.

This awesome beginners butt plug is a perfect intro into the world of butt plugs and I'm thrilled that I gave it a try. It is now one of my favorite toys! It is body safe, low maintenance, and incredibly easy for a beginner to use. 5 stars!

This is a well-crafted plug that is without a doubt worth $16 if you're new to anal play or if you enjoy slimmer toys.

I will still suggest this anal butt plug to any beginner due to the small and slim size. Some don't even need to use lube because it's just that easy to use. It wasn't what I expected, but that only makes me more curious to try others. If you like something that's great for beginners and small/slim, then give it a try.

This is a pretty standard plug with the exception that it is not as rigid as others. It will definitely be worth it to people who are getting their partner into anal play or for those just trying it out for the first time.

If you're curious about anus play, I say go for it! It's great for the price and really worth the try!

This product will last and is lovely to look at. Obviously made well and with attention to detail. Easy to clean and easy to use. You can't go wrong to get your anal collection started with this purchase.

This is definitely a toy for beginners and for easing yourself into larger objects. I think of it as a stepping stone.

This looks like the size of a finger but beginners would definitely appreciate this for its small size. The base keeps this plug nicely anchored outside the body, but it wouldn’t be noticed under clothing if you are daring enough to wear this out and about.

Well, it is the perfect toy for beginners with it's easy, finger-like girth and feeling. The smallness of the silicone makes this one hard to keep in. It may be great for teasing, but even beginners should not be paranoid of something a bit larger, especially in the 'shaft area'. Overall, it is a great toy to test the waters of anal play but will quickly advance a beginner to a larger size. It will remain in the toy chest for now, still to be used as that extra sensation but nothing more.

The Pleasure #1 is a great start to anal play, with a small tapered shape, comfortable base, and a pretty design to go along with it! This great plug is also made of silicone which makes it top notch for safety and cleaning purposes.

This is a great beginner plug that will whet your appetite for more anal play. Though its slimness means it may not always stay in properly, it's easy to use, easy to clean, and lots of fun.

This is definitely worth the low price for the quality that you get. Advanced users may need something larger, but this will work great for beginners who are scared of anal play but really want to try it.

The plug was not absolutely amazing but definitely a toy I am happy I own. I enjoy using this as a "carry around" item that I can bring with me easily. The only downside is that it can run away if not held. Completely worth the buy.

This is the first toy I recommend for those who are unsure about anal play. Its small stature makes it a great starting point for those who are looking to start experimenting.

This is such a perfect first anal plug I recommend buying a second larger one with it. It will leave a beginner pleasured and confident enough to be ready for bigger challenges. The advanced will find it lacking unless you still need the perfect slender warm-up plug for your collection. This baby is so ergonomic it hardly even requires lube as it just begs to effortlessly dive inside of you. My only complaint is that your lover may find it impossible to relinquish it.

An absolute dream to have in any beginners collection. Small and gentle with no worries of pain or being unconformable. A great way for a couples and singles alike to spice things up.

If your trying to get your partner into anal sex, this is a great place to start. Not scary or intimidating but it does the job and shows how fun anal can be. Plus it can turn into a warm up when you move on to bigger ones.

This has been the best anal toy for me to date, and I look forward to many more hours of pleasure.

The Pleasure #1 is a great way to begin exploring anal penetration. Because it is roughly the same width and length as an adult man’s middle finger, going from hand to toy should be a breeze. Its silicone material is soft, flexible, and easy to clean. It’s an all around great choice for gentle anal play.

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