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Ripple large reviews

17 reviews
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17 reviews

I would buy this toy again and again and recommend it to all my friends. The texture and material are safe and malleable, providing ultimate comfort and ease of use.

Comfortable and flexible. Recommended for those who want safe, beaded probing but not for those who seek prostate stimulation or a plug that will stay well in place.

The Ripple Large should be in everyone's toybox, it provides amazing sensations and is top quality. It will be on our "to do" list for a very long while.

The Large Ripple is a toy everyone should have in their collection. It has multiple uses and the design is truly unique. It doesn't matter if your preference of play is anal, vaginal, solo or partnered, the Large Ripple allows you to create a use for it that is tailored to your preferences of pleasure. I feel like it has the ability to open up sexual expression rather than contain it through design limitations and constraints, and this is what I believe to be it's greatest strength as a toy!

If you are looking for a bubbly probe to ride for solo play or for pegging, this quality Tantus product will deliver. Likewise, if you are seeking a trainer toy so that you can play with larger plugs, the size of this toy should assist you.

The Ripple Large is a unique combination of dildo, probe and anal beads that delivers plenty of stimulation on a number of fronts. As versatile as it is well-designed, it works well as a warm-up toy or on its own. Made of an excellent material and well-priced for the quality, it is a great addition to anyone's collection.

This toy is worth the money. It's pretty, it's sturdy, it does what I expected it to do. It's the best of beads and plugs in one.

This toy is the perfect marriage of anal beads and probes, giving users the amazing sensation of beads popping in and out of your ass, while the rigidity of probes gives it a unique thrusting ability. Over all, it is a high-quality and highly pleasurable ride which will gain a special place in your toybox, if it's ever put away!

I believe that the Large Tantus Ripple is *definitely* worth it! A very high-quality product, this toy is versatile in that it fills so many shoes and can be used in many different ways. It's not too expensive, it's very easy to clean, and I *still* can't get over just how pretty the toy is. But it's looks, of course, are only half of the magic ;)

The Tantus Ripple Large is a great silicone anal toy for intermediate or advanced players, though probably too intimidating for a complete beginner. For me, it's a good way to enjoy myself while slowly pushing my limits. I haven't yet been able to experience this toy as a butt plug, but as a probe it's a wonderful combination of smooth and surprising.

If you are ready to take the next step in anal play, this is the one for you. Thrust it or use it in combination with a powerful vibrator and you will see why Tantus is proud of its high grade silicone products.

If looking to stretch down there to be able to take bigger toys, or if just looking for a good bead sensation, this toy's great for both anal and I expect vaginal use!

This toy functions best as a dildo. Its most exciting feature is the bulbs, which provide a range of sensation when moved and which most people should find pleasurable to use in some way. Though advertised as a butt plug, it doesn't work well for that purpose because it will not stay in without constant pressure being kept on the base. Also, it may be too long or not wide enough for some users to get maximum pleasure from it.

Perhaps not the most fun on its own, but this toy is a great one-step gradual warm-up to other toys or anal sex, making it a very valuable addition to your collection.

This item is a good way to get your anus ready for something bigger due to the graduated size and nice "resting places" in between bulbs that allow your butt hole to comfortably adjust to the bigger diameter. May be too small (width-wise) to stretch experienced players.

Probably one of the best anal toy you can buy. whether you are a man or woman this toy can produce and incredible orgasm. This is very good material, feels smooth, and really gives you the sensation of anal beads times 1000.

All in all, I highly recommend the Ripple to anyone who really enjoys anal penetration. It’s very high quality, feels great and can be shared with partners (after a good cleaning) because it’s made out of non-porous silicone.

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