Off with his head!

This item is a good way to get your anus ready for something bigger due to the graduated size and nice "resting places" in between bulbs that allow your butt hole to comfortably adjust to the bigger diameter. May be too small (width-wise) to stretch experienced players.
Smooth, gradual transitions between bulbs, hygienic and silky material
Too long for my rectum (so far), can't get to that last bulb for a good stretch.
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When I first showed my boyfriend, J, my new Ripple, he asked, "Do you really want something that long up your butt?" I pointed out that it was no bigger than his penis, and he stopped criticizing. This was the largest of three butt plugs I had bought, and I wanted to use it specifically to stretch my anus.

On that note, I have to say, I have the anus of a pornstar. It gapes, it grabs, and needs no warm up! Well, very little warm up, anyways. Having been out of the anal loop for a while due to small tears you-know-where (not my boyfriend's fault! seems my skin mysteriously thinned and was prone to tiny, quickly healing rips), I thought I might need a more gradual approach. Here's where the Ripple comes in.

The first bulb is small - I'd say maybe the size of the first joint of your thumb (the part with the nail). It then slims down for just a breath, and then widens out again to the size of maybe a quarter. Another slim resting spot, and then the third bulb, which is slightly smaller than a golf ball, I think. The last staging area, and then comes the big bulb, definitely as big as a golf ball.

I had no problem working in the first two bulbs. The third slipped in after a moment, and I began working on the fourth when I felt a slight pain. Not my sphincter, this time, but somewhere inside. Confused, I pulled it out, re-inserted, and once again, had issues. I'm guess that the ripple made it to the "end", where my colon takes a sharp turn. This hasn't happened to me before, especially since my boyfriend's penis is definitely longer than the three beads that are all I can seem to fit in (mind you, he normally hits "the end" in my other two holes with ease).

This is quite frustrating, as I'm sitting here, wanting a good stretch, and it seems I may have to behead the damn thing to get it up there. No kidding, I've got it in right now, and every few sentences I give it a pat to see if it'll go further, but so far, no dice.

Other than that, I've got to say, it's a wonderful toy. The gradation between bulbs is very well-designed, no sharp angles, just lovely smooth curves. The silicone is very silky, firm without being totally rigid, and glides like a dream. If you haven't read edenfantasys guide to toy materials, I highly suggest you do. Taken care of properly, silicone will last for decades. There's also no taste or smell (when clean, of course). I found it very convenient to wash the toy, as well - I can pop it in a pot of boiling water for two to three minutes and it's clean.

And as an aside, I tried this in my vagina, and found it a little uncomfortable. I don't do well with the large-small-larger-smaller design in there, but that's just me. As a mouth toy, eh, it stuck out to far and I found myself having trouble keeping it in, as the base end is much heavier than the tip end.

In short, it's a good warm-up toy, but not good long-wear (for me) due to the length. I'll post an update as to whether I need to cut the first bulb off to get it in or not. Because it WILL go in eventually.
Follow-up commentary
Okay, I decided that since my sigmoid colon wasn't going to cooperate, I had to take things into my own hands - or scissors, to be specific. I cut down to halfway through the second bulb, which admittedly, isn't smart or pretty, but hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. And there was no way I was going to continue using this toy and risking accidental puncture of said uncooperative colon. So! off went his head, and on went the lube. I slid past the (now) first two bulbs, and got to that tantalizing, last hurdle. I eased onto it and oh! what a stretch. I'm in heaven right now, I really am. This is just what I wanted. Now if I could just find a way to smooth out those jagged facets on the end... any ideas?
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  • Contributor: Dame Demi
    This is on the top of the list of toys I really, really need to try! Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: Victoria
    Thanks for the review and your detailed altering of your toy. Be careful!
  • Contributor: sydney106
    AWESOME review. Very thorough! This was on my list until I realized, with the help of your review, how long it really is. Thanks!
  • Contributor: Ghost
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: BlooJay
    Thx! Did you ever find a way to smooth out the edges?
  • Contributor: Bignuf
    Thanks for a good, helpful review.
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