Ripple large - sex toy by Tantus - review by Experimentator

A perfect warm-up

Perhaps not the most fun on its own, but this toy is a great one-step gradual warm-up to other toys or anal sex, making it a very valuable addition to your collection.
Good size range. Silicone.
Could be a little bit softer
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The appeal of this toy for me was that it starts out comfortably small (finger or thumb sized) and works up to a diameter in the ballpark of many butt plugs and other toys, or a penis for that matter. Therefore, it seemed like a perfect way to warm up to whatever was next.

This toy lived up to that expectation when each of us tried it on separate occasions - neither of us had trouble inserting the first bump, and the second was quite easy as well. Just a minute or two spent relaxing with the first two made the third go in quite easily. On later occasions we were each able to take the last bump and make it to the base after sufficiently relaxing.

Going in and out with it proved a bit less enjoyable than we had anticipated, but I think if we had spent more time relaxing it may have been better, and I suspect this will change with experience. As it was, we each moved on to other things soon after making it past the last bump.

Personally I felt the length was a little bit much - it felt like I was being poked when I got past the last bump. She didn't have the same experience, so obviously it's a matter of individual anatomy.

The material was a bit firm - I felt like it might have been a little more comfortable if it was slightly softer, but when using it more for quickly preparing yourself for other toys rather than playing with it by itself for a while, this wasn't a huge issue.

Basically, I didn't feel like this toy was really a ton of fun on its own, but since we bought it primarily to use for warming up, that wasn't a disappointment for us.

The pure silicone is of course a great plus, making cleanup a breeze and eliminating all worry of odor, etc.
Our first experience with this toy was with it inserted in her past the third bump, having sex in the missionary position. The added pressure and sensation was enjoyable for both of us.

We also used it quite successfully as a warm-up prior to anal sex, after she got past the fourth bump. I have to say, there is something very sexy about watching your partner's reaction when you finally pop it past the fourth bump and bury it right up to the base!
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  • Adriana Ravenlust
    A good warm up toy? I think I could use one of those. How does it feel for the giving partner (male, I assume) when the female is wearing it? How would you rate clean up?

    I agree this looks a bit long, though.
  • Experimentator
    I (male) enjoyed it when she was wearing it during sex, but so far we've only used it that way once, and that was with only 3 of 4 bulbs inserted. We'll have to try it again with it fully inserted so I can comment further on that.

    Clean up is a snap, being pure silicone it's all clean with a quick wash with antibacterial soap. I've been really trying to stick to silicone as much as possible for anal toys for just that reason.
  • Victoria
    Is the base comfortable once it's all the way in? Thanks!
  • Experimentator
    The base hasn't been an issue thus far, but then again when we've used it it's always been with legs and cheeks more or less spread, rather than trying to stand up with it in. For me at least, it doesn't really stay in on its own if I try to stand or anything like that (at least not all the way in), probably due in part to the previously mentioned length issue, so the base hasn't gotten in the way.

    The base is reasonably soft/flexible, and not TOO wide, so I don't imagine it would be too uncomfortable if it were used in a cheeks-together situation.
  • IndependentlyHappy
    Thanks for reviewing this.
  • tiggle biddies
    nice review
  • BlooJay
    Thx for the review!
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