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A rewarding experience for your rear!

This toy functions best as a dildo. Its most exciting feature is the bulbs, which provide a range of sensation when moved and which most people should find pleasurable to use in some way. Though advertised as a butt plug, it doesn't work well for that purpose because it will not stay in without constant pressure being kept on the base. Also, it may be too long or not wide enough for some users to get maximum pleasure from it.
Sanitary/easy to clean silicone, smooth & supple, no odor/taste, comfortable base.
Doesn't work well as a plug, may be too long for some people to use comfortably.
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The "Ripple Large", a combination dildo/butt plug is definitely a lady pleaser (likely a man pleaser too, but I wouldn't know!) With about 5 inches of insertable length and four bulbs of gradually larger size (up to 1.5 inches at its widest), it is versatile enough to be used for a variety of pleasurable activities. It is made of premium grade silicone, among the safest and most sanitary of all toy materials, and it is definitely high quality. The color I ordered (purple) is a rich hue with pretty swirls in the depths of it. The toy is odorless and tasteless straight from the package, a definite plus! It is very flexible yet retains its shape without problems. The base is wide but is also flexible -- you will definitely not lose it inside you no matter how hard it's pushed, and it bends and nestles comfortably against your body so it is not unpleasant to keep in for extended periods.

The bulbs are completely smooth and there are no sharp or rough edges anywhere on the toy. The smallest bulb is about the width of a woman's finger. Each of the other three is progressively larger, and the last and largest of them is about the width of two fingers. By gradually easing it in, I was able to get even the largest of the bulbs in without pain. Anal play beginners will likely need more time and gradual stretching to adjust, but overall this toy is not intimidating. I found its length to be just right for me - any longer would have been painful, but this was perfect.

Part of why I selected this toy is that the neck after the largest bulb is nearly as wide as the bulb itself. I wanted a toy that would still stretch me a little even after it was fully inserted, and this toy does that since its neck is just about an inch wide - a nice feature that you don't always find in plug-type toys. However (and this is a pretty big issue for some), this same feature makes this toy less suitable as a plug because **it requires constant pressure to be kept on the base to keep it in**. If you stay still, it will stay in place - but as things start to heat up and your muscles tense - zoom! Out it goes! I found that even clenching my cheeks together was not enough to keep it in place. Ultimately I ended up using it more as a dildo and found it way more pleasurable when used like that. I imagine those using it for double penetration will have a similar problem (watch out for erotic flying objects!), so beware of that before purchasing.

I used water-based Maximus lube with this toy and it worked wonderfully. Just a little dab was plenty to make it slick. A word to the wise - don't lube the entire toy, just the end and the hole it's being applied to - otherwise you will have a hell of a time trying to get it in because it will slip through your hands and flop all over. This I learned from trial and error. It was like trying to hold greased butter (if such a thing existed).

Lastly, clean up of the Ripple large is easy and quick. The entire surface of the toy is smooth so there are no ridges for fluids to get stuck in. Also, silicone can be sterilized in a number of ways (boiling, bleach solution, etc) but I opted for a simple wash in warm water with antibacterial soap since I will not be sharing this toy. It air dries quickly after you shake off the water. The base is flat and stable so the toy will stand on its own easily.
I enjoyed using this toy anally, although it can also be used vaginally or orally for those with the desire to do so. The bulbs are clearly the best part about this toy, as they provide a wonderful sensation as they are worked in and out. I liked that the base of the toy is sizable so your ass feels stretched even when you are past the bulbs already. However, the fact that this toy will not stay in place on its own, without pressure being kept on the base, is annoying and detracts from the variety of ways in which it can be used. I also did not find that this toy provided the sense of fullness that I was looking for, which others described in their reviews. Perhaps, for me, it was just not wide enough overall. I will probably try another plug that has an overall wider body in the future (recommendations are welcome in the comments section).
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