Trojan pleasures fire & ice - male condom by Church and Dwight - reviews

Trojan pleasures fire & ice

Male condom by Church and Dwight

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Trojan pleasures fire & ice reviews

77 reviews
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77 reviews

For condoms advertised to have "warming and tingling sensations, inside and out," these condoms were more...lukewarm than any form of fire and ice. I'd say that the later-released "Ecstasy Fire & Ice" condoms are a much better find than these, but even those aren't as advertised. Ah well, they did provide sensations that ordinary condoms do not, so that alone makes them somewhat ideal to try.

Trojan Fire and Ice condoms left much to be desired for both of us. The icy sensation did not do much for him and wore off quickly, while the fiery sensation left me numb for quite some time after sex! I will not be using these again, though I typically love Trojan condoms!

The Fire & Ice condoms by Trojan are much too intense to be considered pleasurable in any way. I would not recommend these if you cannot handle intense sensations near your genitals.

If I were to go to the store to buy something solely for sexual protection, I would probably buy something cheaper and more normal than this. It wasn't exciting enough for me.

I have found that condoms on toys have a bad habit of sliding off during my rigorous activities, and that is always at the most inconvenient times. For some reason this condom stays on all of my toys just fine. I have no complaints about this product, to be honest I can see myself buying them up until Trojan stops making them.

Fire & Ice condoms are an easy way to spice up your evening and can add pleasurable sensations to your play without being overpowering or distracting.

After trying it once, I have to admit that I'm hooked. I loved the stimulation that the different temperatures provided, and so did my boyfriend.

This item isn't particularly worth it. It is incredibly expensive and often times painful. Just stick with regular condoms or look for other types.

If you're looking for something new, I would suggest giving these condoms a try. It's a good value and it never hurts to spice up your life a little bit. If you're prone to UTIs though, definitely stay away! Otherwise, buy a pack and try something new.

These latex condoms provide a warm feeling to my penis, and both a cooling and slightly warm effect for my partner. She enjoys these as much as I do. The Fire and Ice design is very roomy, has a slight ribbed texture, and includes a semen reservoir. If you are just shy of feeling comfortable wearing a larger sized condom, these are a good alternative for not pinching and restricting the head of the penis.

My wife and I were not a fan of these condoms. We have had much better experiences with other warming lubricants and will not becoming back to these from Trojan.

The product does as advertised, at least for men, and can be a nice way to try something new for couples who have yet to venture into other playgrounds, but it's not something I would recommend using on a day-to-day basis.

Both my partner and I are very satisfied with this product. The warming sensation was strong enough for us and we didn't mind that the cooling sensation was barely felt. The condom had no malfunctions and worked for its intended use.

They were not at all what I expected them to be, and my partner didn't enjoy the sensations he got from it either.

Seriously the next best thing to bare skin! We absolutely love these condoms and they will most likely be the only variety we buy from here on out.

Overall, this condom is not too shabby. I like the condom, but I'm not in love with it. I love the wrapper though, if that counts for anything. The lubricant is very silky and smooth and I love the feeling of the heat as my partner thrusts into me. Just remember not to use oil based lubricants. Silicone and water lubricants works great, though!

These did not work out for me and my husband, but who knows? They maybe just what you are looking for. So run out and get some to try tonight.

This condom offers a feel for both partners, but it may not be the feel you are looking for! Though sturdy, enticing, and discreet/travel-friendly, the extra chemicals aren't worth it.

These are pretty good condoms, particularly for well endowed and girthy guys. The Fire/Ice lube is a plus or minus depending on your preference. I find it just ok. Can take it or leave it, but I did enjoy the fit and sensation of the condoms in general.

These condoms are out of the world. Once inside, there's this un-describable feeling that builds up, and oh God. It's so great! And then the cooling sensation comes and it made orgasm plenty using these beauties.

Trojan Fire & Ice is not right for me, too much burning and not what I expected at all. My hubby and I had to make a positive out of something and this product was turning into a negative. I don't suggest it to anyone without a warning first.

Unless you know your sensitivity and how you react to the agents in the lubricant, I would suggest using a regular condom. At least you won't run the risk of a fire-crotch that prevents you from tolerating the notion of sex.

Overall I think that these condoms are next to your average condoms, besides the heating, warming and icy sensation. They are at least worth a try. They are normal size and they are well lubricated.

This is a specialized condom with two types of lubricants, cooling and warming, on the insides and outsides. The friction increases sensations caused by both lubricants.

I buy this condom for the benefit of my boyfriend, I personally have no preference towards it as I don't feel the affects of the condom. I also buy it because it is very strong latex without being too thick, which I find to be very important.

Save your money and skip these. Get separate products if you want the fire and ice sensations. Or just use ice, that's very erotic and works quite nicely!

For me, Fire and Ice was nothing and way to freaking cold and not in a good way. The condom itself was top quality, but the lubes left a lot to be desired.

Simply disappointing. Need I say more? This item to me was not a bang for my buck. We are not into the burn.

This is worth a try for those open to new feelings, but please be prepared for the experience because it is a new feeling

I like simple pleasures that you can enjoy all the way through. I wasn't able to fully enjoy my sexual experience using this product because of the discomfort. It's not for everybody.

The perfect condom for an individual or couple to branch out and try if they are wanting to try something new and different. It does what it says, but it isn't always pleasurable.

This condom is worth it because it has 2 opposite sensations so you do not have to deal with the same old thing every time it allows you to change it up. This is a fabulous product for just about anybody.

If you are going to use a condom, I would recommend this one. The temperature change is very pleasurable and will increase orgasms.

Trojan's Fire & Ice condoms are not for everyone, but I recommend giving them a try. If you enjoy them, the sensations will leave you begging for more.

If you use them right, these condoms can make a special night even more fun. She'll go crazy with the tingling sensation, and he'll feel more than her body heat.

I think this is one of the items that either works for you and your partner or doesn't. If you are considering trying it, get a small pack so that you don't have as much money invested in it. If you do try, I hope that your experience is more pleasurable than ours.

Although I enjoy Trojan's Fire and Ice condoms, I would NOT recommend them for everyone, especially those who find that their skin can be a little wary of things. The sensations are great, but you're not missing out if you don't try these.

Try these out for yourself! They add a little something extra to everyday sex. Everyone reacts differently to these, so the only way to know if you like them is to give them a try.

I loved these condoms for the mutual experience with my partner; it's not just for women or men, but can be enjoyed by both.

You need to try everything at least once. Sometimes it works for you and other times it doesn’t. But it’s up to you. It is still very good protection from STDs and getting pregnant.

Fire and Ice could be what you're looking for. These male condoms are lubricated with Fire and Ice which is Trojan's signature warming/heating and tingling/cooling lubricant. If you're looking to heat things up and cool things down at the same time, this condom might be exactly what you want to spice things up.

It isn't worth it for us, but for others it might be. I say give it a try. You never know.

If both you and your partner like temperature stimulation during sex you will love these condoms. If not, I would advise staying away.

This product is worth trying. It is really intense if you are really sensitive. It's the best condom on the market right now in my view.

While you still have the safety of the widely known and trusted Trojan condoms, this is just a standard condom with intercourse safe IcyHot on it.

Even though our experience with these condoms wasn't very great, I still recommend these to other users because everyone is different, and we have heard awesome things about it from friends we trust.

It's the best 'pleasure' condom I've ever encountered and is worth the money spent. "Fire and Ice" is refreshing and a good way to break up any boring streak. However, avoid using if someone else with fine nasal passages is nearby.

It is definitely worth the money. Try it! I do not think you will be disappointed with it. It will be a nice change of pace for you and your partner.

This condom gives you an experiences like no other. Everyone should try this at lest once! Heats you up cools you down and makes you feel all tingly.

While exciting to try something new together, it was a disaster of an experience. The burning was too intense and will not be repeated.

These seemed to be mostly hit or miss, and for us they were more of a miss. They're a great idea in theory, but I think you could recreate your own with a warming and cooling lube and a favorite condom and have it come out with better results. As a condom otherwise, it's not that bad.

This is a one of a kind condom and brand and it defiantly stands up to its name Trojan fire and ice condoms.

I don't think this is for everyone, It's worth a shot, but honestly whether or not if you like it or not if all based upon you trying it for yourself

If you like to burn like the fire of 1000 suns in your sensitive bits, then give these a try. In fact, it's the gift that keeps on giving since you'll continue to burn even after scouring your vagina to rid yourself of the irritating "fire and ice". Trojan, however, is our trusted brand and we will continue to use Trojans. Just not this particular kind. Ever. Again.

I hated them due to possibly being allergic to something that was used to make these. My guy on the other hand found these amazing and actually got him more into warming play. The condom itself was a good make and fits the average sized guy with no problems. The only thing setting these apart from the crowd is the use of warming and cooling properties. For some these maybe the best condom ever, for others you may be showering sooner then you thought.

For me personally, and for other women who find themselves easily sensitive to reactions, I strongly recommend not using the Trojan Pleasures Fire & Ice condoms. It is not pleasurable and will make you feel like you're on fire. Unless you like that feeling of course :)

The Trojan fire and ice condom gives the user the sensation of cool ice touching their skin before working up to a pleasant warmth that will last you basically all night long.

A simple summary is they are a bit messy but worth it. The feeling is so good you forget about it. If they are too messy for you, just do what I do and jump in the shower with your lover after.

best thing i have ever used, when choosing a condom this is the one i would pick its probably the best thing ever made.

Trojans fire and ice condoms are so worth buying. The condoms really made sex more intense due to the warm feeling. Would have been better if we could have felt the icy side to it. One of the closest condoms that almost gave us that skin-to-skin feeling.

Fire & Ice condoms are nice, but not amazing. They're best if you want sex to feel a bit different but aren't looking for something magnificent. Some people tend to have a painful burning sensation with them so it really depends on who you are. My best advice is to try them and see how you like them. Perhaps be careful and keep in mind that you may have to run to the shower to rinse off your genitals!

The fire and ice condoms are awesome for singles and couples who are looking to spice up their bed room fun.

I would not recommend this product to women with sensitive skin! I made this mistake and was considering going to my GYN to make sure I wasn't having some terrible allergic reaction that would cause long-term damage. For women without sensitive skin, I hear these are very pleasurable, but please ladies, know your skin type before using this product!

I would not buy the product again because of the painful experience that it served me. It was a definitively an interesting night.

The worst feeling I've ever felt in my lady bits came from the 'fire and ice' lubricant they put on this! I wouldn't recommend it to my enemy!

For an added sensations condom, this wins. Although it didn't work exactly as advertised, my partner appreciated the lubricant's smoothness and the condom's shape while I liked the added arousal of the warming sensations. I just wish he could have shared in my experience of feeling the added heat or tingle.

I love the Trojans brand but these condoms were too intense for this gal. I give them an A for the effort but a total F for the execution.

This is a great condom to try and fun to throw into the mix. I might not use these condoms every time, but once in a while, the light tingling and warming really throw the sex drive into high gear. I would bring one on a date for a girl who is a bit more adventurous as a last minute surprise to spice things up and would definitely consider purchasing these again.

These condoms were not worth the price. I wouldn't take them again, even if they were a free gift. The sensations are too intense, and my partner and I do not enjoy the feeling of Icy Hot all over our genitals. Not to mention that these aren't good for larger men.

If you like trying new condoms that have some really nice sensations, pick these condoms up. Chances are you'll love them.

Trojan Fire and Ice's dual action lubricant is definitely noticeable which may be a pro for some who like a warming lube or are looking for something new. Personally, I found it uncomfortable. There are thinner condoms out there that fit better and feel less like, well, a baggy condom.

I always use condoms and I especially love a tingling or cooling feeling during sex. When these came out I had to try them, even though I am not a fan of Trojan products anymore. I was unfortunately disappointed and reminded why I don't care for Trojan condoms.

I love Trojan. These condoms were great for me, but not so great for my lover which makes them something we will not use again. But if you are okay with a strong tingle, these may be great for you.

These I found to be quite interesting, and I really liked the feel. Toward the end my girlfriend thought they were too much, though, so do be aware that these could cause some discomfort for sensitive users. Also, the lubricant, while smooth, is very different. These are also a thinner condom, which is a great thing, in my opinion, especially because they won't break easily.

This is a good condom (but still a condom). We felt the warming/cooling effects. It held up well, and the lubrication quality exceeded expectations.

This is worth the price, especially since they are always on sale everywhere. I wouldn't use them everyday. It is similar to other condoms except with the different lube.

The idea of the Trojan Fire and Ice condoms is wonderful, and it would have been a huge selling point if they would actually work the way they were advertised to work. But the warming didn't do much of anything, and the cooling didn't activate until after my partner went off.

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