Trustex flavored condoms - male condom by Line One Laboratories, Inc - reviews

Trustex flavored condoms

Male condom by Line One Laboratories, Inc

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Trustex flavored condoms reviews

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20 reviews

Unlikely that I will ever actually use a flavored condom myself, however these are easy to use and take with you, I think they would be of better use if you don't like to do oral because you might dislike the taste of semen.

They are very exciting I would continue buying all the colors just to review the flavors. The performance of these are excellent and it wouldn't bother me to have someone wear these. Whether it was a longtime partner for no reason, or someone I just wanted to have a fling with.

It was something nice and different try. However because it broke so easily I will not use them with a partner again. I will strictly use it with vibrators or toys.

Overall, these are great condoms. I purchased these to use as scented/flavored toy covers and they do the job well. When used on larger toys, they're more likely to break, but if used on average toys/penises, I see no reason why these shouldn't hold up well. I'll definitely order them again.

This inexpensive condom isn't even worth the $3 for the three-pack. Though a nice idea in theory, the reality simply does not play out well for this condom. Not only was it under lubricated and difficult to put on, it burns vaginally during use. If flavor is what you are into, use a flavored lube instead of a flavored condom, you may have better results.

Irritating, and the wonderful taste of cheap cough medicine. These are not worth three dollars a piece, the grape flavored completely fell flat. I wanted something fun to keep my guy happy and all I got was a mouthful of memories of the worst days of sickness from my childhood. I would stick to good old Trojans.

All in all these are a fine flavored condom, if a little sweet for my tastes. They can also be cut down the side to create a yummy dental dam.

I wouldn't waste the $3 on these. You're better off spending a couple dollars more for a better brand. While the colors are really pretty, the taste was just awful, and they smelled like latex. To make it worse, they BURNED. Definitely look elsewhere.

I would not recommend this to anyone. It tasted and smelled awful. Not only that, it also broke! I would never buy this product again.

If you are looking for enough flavour to spice up a session of oral sex, find something else. The 2 seconds of flavour isn't worth the after-taste and the thickness may get in the way of sensation. For an average-sized man, they were just too baggy to fit well for intercourse.

I was truly disappointed with these condoms. I was initially excited about the chocolate and mint flavors that I picked up, but when it came time to actually try them out and taste them, it felt like there was a mild acid layering on them—chocolate and mint-flavored acid. They seemed a little thick, but they fit well and probably could have tasted okay (not great) if they didn't cause my mouth to burn.

As good of a condom that Trustex Flavored Condoms are and even with how wonderful they smell and taste, it's just to bad that the flavor doesn't last very long on them. I guess the flavored lube is just weak.

If you are looking for a flavored condom, these are pretty good. I'd like to try some of the other flavors to see if the flavor was any stronger or longer lasting.

Trustex Flavored condoms are well worth the price. They are delicious, exciting, and are sure to spice up your sex life if you keep them a surprise.

trustex mint flavor condom gave me the ability to perform fellatio on my boyfriend for long and better and the mint gave us both a sense of heightened sensitivity it was awesome

These condoms are fabulous. The strawberry is delicious, and the color is in perfect coordination with the taste of each condom. I just wish they made them in red (cherry) orange, and black (licorice?)!

These aren't the worst condoms out there by any means, but if you're looking for flavor that lasts longer than a minute or two, you might want to avoid these. However, they do taste pretty good in the minute or two the flavor lasts.

I won't judge you if you want to taste it for fun! This condom is great for what it advertises but won't accommodate a lot of penis sizes. It is on the smaller, tighter end of condoms available but not many have the good smell and taste this one does.

They're a gem to add to your oral sex routine. They taste fantastic, and they're a very durable product. You can enjoy the foreplay and once you've licked away the flavor you can use it for.. whatever you use a condom for once the flavor is gone!

A good product which I enjoyed, though darker then expected, the taste was better then I feared. I would definitely suggest this product for someone who wants to try something new.

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