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I honestly love this set. The material makes them a pain to clean and share, but if you are looking for something to use solo or are fine using condoms on them, they are really worth it. The price makes up for the high maintenance requirements because you won't find a silicone set like this for anywhere near the price. I tend to be immediately drawn to brightly colored things, so these were a great find, and I do recommend them.

Are you (basically) a beginner to regular sex, or do you want to experience some form of it without the consequence? No headache of an awkward conversation, no pressure from an overzealous hormone driven person who can't take no for a hint. This is the kit for you, just store it where normal people won't look, pull it out when you want, clean them off and store them back.

Since I know I like anal play I wish I had spent the extra money and bought a better quality anal kit. I don't see the Booty Bumper Kit lasting me for years to come.

These fun colored dildos/plugs are wonderful. They're flexible, comfortable, and affordable. You really can't go wrong with these. They're perfect for someone who wants to use something bigger or to build up to something bigger than these.

Overall this was a great starter kit. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in exploring anal play as it is not a huge investment. No one wants to spend top dollar on a toy to find out that it just doesn't work for them or they dislike the sensations.

Please stop and read, because this is for you! Whether you're curious about how much length you like vaginally, or you'd love to test your limits and are an experienced anal toy user, you'll find at least one use for this set and nothing else like it. It has provided multiple facets in usage. And while it may not have been what I expected initially, it's become something I'm thankful I purchased and would recommend for, if anything, the great colors and realistic design.

The Booty Bumpers Kit by Topco Sales is an interestingly colored set that is very versatile in its use. They double as dildos and butt plugs and can be used in a harness for those of you that enjoy some strap-on play. The size of the dildos is geared more towards people who are used to taking larger toys, especially if they're being used anally. Be sure to cover with a condom, lube them up and have fun getting busy!

I like this set of toys, it adds a nice variety to the toy box as well as some fun colors. Being waterproof they can be used pretty much anywhere with ease. Cleaning is pretty easy (if you use a condom) and the different lengths appeal to different moods and partners.

This item is totally worth the money for simply every situation, if you like options then this is for you, they are nice for every occasion and work for both men and women. Can't go wrong with these toys being there is nothing wrong with them.

I would buy these as gifts for both men & women, but not for myself again. I like the idea behind them, but I believe that the suction cup is lacking suction, and that the small plug is useless for my pleasure because I am used to way more length and girth from my man. For a beginner, or someone used to a smaller penis or toy, these would be a colorful fun new start or addition to your sex toy collection. You can always start with the smaller one and then advance to the larger of the three.

The price is right, and the detail is somewhat erotic, and they seem stay in place, even with excited activity.

Overall the toy was a great deal for the price. If it had been any more and I purchased it I would feel a little cheated. If you, or you and your partner are thinking about getting into some toy play I do recommend these as a decent starter as they can help you figure what sizes work best before you spend a lot more on something that just does not satisfy.

Looking to start in anal? Well this is the set for you. Great for beginners and just a great buy over all.

ALL around Good product. Would suggest to some one who is interested in anal play. It could also double as a dildo so that is a plus. They don't smell and they are hard yet not uncomfortable.

Overall, the Booty Bumpers are a definite four since the silvery flakes may be a defect in my particular toy alone and the smell and taste may dissipate with time. They are very nice, very fun toys.

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