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My first anal toys, worth every penny and more

Looking to start in anal? Well this is the set for you. Great for beginners and just a great buy over all.
Great for beginners, three toys and an easy way to get into anal.
Pink gets lost and flimsy base. Wish they got wider not just longer.
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I decided to get into anal play and wanted to surprise my girlfriend. Well I looked, did some research (read the anal toy guide on here anal guide) and discovered the Booty Bumper kit|Booty bumper kit. It's great to get three toys in one. I also like the idea of a butt plug, so I order them with a bottle of Maximus.

First thing I notice was one the smell and two how bright they are. I looked at them and thought, how am I going to get the green one in me. I looked impossible.

Well I got ready and lube up, it took about three times to get the pink one in all the way. I can't believe I was ever that tight now, but I finally got it in and love the feeling. Just the feeling of walking around in it felt amazing. Then I wanted to get the orange one in and see how long I could go with the pink one in me. Well problem, the base was really flimsy. I thought, it's a butt plug, it won't go any where. Well it got lost in me... twice. The other two got a lot firmer bases but that pink one is well not great.

I have gotten all three in me and well my favorite is the green. I wish it was bulkier but I love the feeling of full. I don't even use the other two any more but it helped me a lot to get into anal. It does take some time and a lot of lube but it is so much fun and worth it. I would recommend this for anyone wanting to start out and have some fun. Great little toys and clean up is a breeze. I boil them once in a while for 3 minutes, but soap, water and toy cleaner works too.

So, get this and bend over and enjoy a new level of sex.
I wanted to get use to a plug in me for some time. Just to be able to sit on and have some fun. Well I was using the orange one and thought, I guess i'll try to sit on the pink one. I get it in and go watch tv. After for some time I realize that, well I couldn't feel it any more. I got up, but my roommate was in the room and he doesn't know about my plugs. I tried my best to look for it and couldn't find it. I go into my room and look in the mirror, could see it. I took a pen and felt up there and felt the base. It slide up there and was scared I would have to go to the ER.
I go to the bathroom, after about 2 minutes of saying, "It's in my ass, It's in my ass." under my breath. I sat at the tolet and well just relax and it came out. Pulled it out and cleaned it. I tried it another time a couple of weeks later. It got stuck again, So i don't use the pink one any more. I don't use the orange sine I got toys bigger and well green just to get farther.
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  • These are made of some flesh-like porous material- not safe for boiling. It will eventually ruin them, and is probably affecting the chemical make-up. I'm surprised it's soft enough for the base to bend like that- not so safe!
  • Okay, that is really scary that it got lost! That should never happen when a toy has a base. Agh!
  • Lol telling me and it happened twice. The second time I was extremely careful and on my stomach.
  • Jimbo Jones
    After those experiences, I would have to say that at least one of these is NOT safe for solo anal play. If the flange can bend like that allowing the toy to completely go inside your ass, it is not something I want to be leaving in there. If I were you, I would practice extreme caution when working with these and probably not use them for extended wear and would look into getting something with a better flanged base and better (silicone) materials. Thank you for the review and the heads up.
  • Jimbo, I only use the green one cause that is so big and got the firmer base. I have gotten a Ryder, a tush trainer and my newest one a Colt. Yeah, I just hope that doesn't happened to another person or worst and doesn't come out.
  • Nashville
    The bases don't look very wide to me, I'd be hesitant to use them.
    Nice review. thanks
  • zracer
    Great review
  • Cookie Monster Mike
    I agree with some of the comments, if someone is not to careful they may get themselves into some trouble using some of these. But overall i enjoyed the review.
  • krisvida
    Thanks a bunch!
  • Forever17
    awesome thanks!
  • Allstars316
    Great review
  • underHim
    Thanks for the review!
  • Devz
    Thanks for the review.
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