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This item is totally worth the money for simply every situation, if you like options then this is for you, they are nice for every occasion and work for both men and women. Can't go wrong with these toys being there is nothing wrong with them.
The versatility and ease of cleaning can't be beat in one package.
They could have a vibration option to make them perfect.
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We had recently purchased an o ring harness, and were looking for some toys to go along with experimenting with new and fun ways to spice up our sexual relationship. We found the three pack of toys, we thought would be perfect for getting us on the way to new and exciting sex. The way we mostly use the toys is the strap on play, which they so far work out perfectly for. The three sizes are perfect for any situation. We started out with the smallest of the three and have now worked up the the largest which is taking some work to get fully used to. We have also used the suction cup side for in shower play. You can attach them to the wall and back up to it and be pushed against it, or on the floor of the shower and sit on it and move up and down on it. The toys are all flared enough for anal play and can be used in multiple ways. They are perfect for anything and everything we have thought of so far.

Material / Texture

The first impressions of the toys are wow, these are bigger then we had thought. They had a slight smell to them, but like most toys, a few washes and it had subsided and is fine now. They had a slight tacky touch to them at first too, which is now gone as well. The toys are shaped pretty realistically, and feel soft, but work pretty well once started. It is bendable enough to contour and feel good inside, there is the shape of the head of a penis on each, and feels realistic also. The texture is good for beginners, it easily goes in and out, and is not too firm to where it hurts. They are all around good for anyone who wants the variety and different sizes of toys.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of these toys is good for just about any kind of sex play, they work both for anal and vaginal sex. And the versatility of having the three different sizes is awesome for all types of play. The shape was pretty realistic and worked for us perfect. They are shaped and sized all good for their individual self. The small is sized good enough for just past beginner play, and had worked for a while getting used to the idea and concept of the anal and strap on play. Once we got board with that we sized up to the medium one, which is pleasurable enough for many nights and ways of great fun. Then we got adventurous and went for the large, which is almost too much, but at the same time turns both of us on seeing how big it is and it brings so much pleasure to both of us, one knowing that wow i just took all that in, and she loves seeing me bounce up and down on her knowing how deep and wide it's taking me. As for travel, they should be discreet enough for travel, we have not ventured outside the house with them yet, but would do in a heart beat, would love to take anywhere and try new things in new places, but haven't had the time to do so just yet. All in all good variety for the price.


The best thing about these toys is having three of them in one package, different sizes, different thicknesses and with having suction cups for walls and floors and everything you can suction to, or the flared base for free hand use and also the o ring harness use as well. We have used them all in each and every situation and they have not let us down yet. The suction is strong enough to hold up to a good pounding even while in the shower. And the flared base gives it a good enough handle to use freehand while thrusting into the partner. And our favorite use is the harness capability, where we have used all three sizes with the harness we got that came with three different o rings that happen to fit all these just perfect. They have performed good enough that we have not yet had to go out and buy different ones yet, because we're still having fun with the different sizes. For the money it's totally worth the versatility these toys bring to the table.. or shower.. or anywhere.

Care and Maintenance

The toys are super easy to take care of, since there is no crazy deep crevices, or things for hard cleaning, it's simple, easy, and quick to wash off and store away. Just some simple cleaning solution and let dry before storing in our toy drawer. And it's ready to go again when needed. Another reason that we absolutely love these toys, they are pleasurable and cleanable all in one big package of three. They have worked well with the lubes we have used, we're just trying to figure out which lube we like the most, and have tried a few different based lubes and they have all worked with these toys. All in all we are very happy with the ease of using these toys are like the variety.


The toy comes packaged just as showed, in the hard plastic wrap, with the three sizes right in line, they're pretty self explanatory on how to use them, so no instructions besides the sizes of each one. I suppose the package could be used for gift wrapping, looks like any other package so wouldn't be able to tell that there are three different toys in one if wrapped up. I do imagine you could use the package for storage, I would just recommend that like with all toys, they're dry before putting them in.


My girlfriend and I when we first started going out both agreed that we wouldn't do anything that was out of our comfort range, anal was definitely on both of our lists of a no go. I was doing some reading up online about different experiences and ran across how much it could be a pleasurable experience for both men and women, told her one night that i wouldn't mind trying it first if she didn't mind, she was ok with it and when we went to the local toy store to get a new toy for it, we didn't know where to start, so we got a small vibrator and once we got home nervous as all, lubed it up and got it in, she saw my reaction and instantly fell in love knowing that I liked it as much as I did. That's when we decided to go give new things a try and found these which was perfect and has been our new thing. I got her to try it as well and she likes it as much as I do. Now our sex couldn't be much better, and we're trying more new things and having a ton of fun with it.
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