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Icicles No. 18 Icicles No. 18

Double ended dildo by

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Icicles No. 18 reviews

20 reviews
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20 reviews

Perfect for an experienced user, ready to get down to business. Easy to clean and nice packaging to store it in. All in all, great product.

While Icicles No 18 is not for the faint of heart or beginners, this amazing g-spotter is a must have for the glass or texture enthusiast. Be sure to have lube and a towel handy, and get ready for a thigh quivering, messy experience!

The Icicles No. 18 by Pipedream is a beautiful, large glass dildo. It is perfect for G-spot use, or just to hold up to the sunlight and gaze at (the G-spot use is more likely to cause orgasm, however). The only other Icicles dildo I have is No. 8, which is quite a bit narrower and smaller. It has its uses, but No. 18 is much more stimulating and satisfying. I will be buying more Icicles, for sure.

This is a great toy for anyone who likes toys that are a little bit on the larger side, glass fanatics, and anyone who appreciates a good nubby texture.

Meet the glass dildo that put my other dildos to shame. Big, textured, and ready to pack a punch, this glass dildo is great for experienced glass users who have been wanting just a little more from their toys. The texture is so pronounced and out of this world that it demands an orgasm from me every time.

The Icicles No. 18 was not intimidating at all, even for a pyrex noobie. It was so easy to use, easy to clean, and exciting! I have no complaints. No. 18 has sold me on borosilicate glass dildos. The design and textures provide so many types of stimulation, it's nearly an all-in-one.

Glass is my new favorite material! I have nothing negative to say about the design or performance of this dildo. It is so versatile and very orgasmic! I've never felt anything quite like it and I can't get enough.

If you like bigger glass toys and are not sensitive to textures, say hello to the Icicles No. 18. It is a stunning looking glass dildo with artistic flair. It is hand blown glass, and impressive. Glass lovers, beginners and advanced you just may enjoy this one. As for me, I prefer thinner.

The Icicles #18 is a well made and amazingly stimulating toy. It is beautiful but functional at the same time making it a fantastic G-spot toy. I really cant find anything I do not like with this toy other than the fact that it does weigh 10.5 ounces and the nubbies may take a little getting used to. What an awesome product and what a great time reviewing it!

When does an Icicle make you melt? When it is a Pipedream Icicle! Whether you are new to glass toys and G-spot exploration or an experienced user, this versatile curved Icicles #18 is sure to be one of your favorite toy box additions. What's more, the sheer erotic beauty that this glass toy provides is an extremely visual indulgence for the giver or partner. This toy proves once again that it really is as good to give as it is to receive.

This glass dildo from Pipe Dreams is pretty and appealing with its two different shaped ends and colorful nubbly texture. Unfortunately those nubs are huge and can be really uncomfortable if you don't use a lot of lube. I didn't care for the tapered end of the dildo, but found the double bulbs and curved shaft on the other side produced wonderfully intense G-spot sensations. For texture lovers only!

Well, you know how a girl loves flowers. This was my first glass toy and I can say it has made me climax like no other toy. The length is awesome, the girth is just right, and the weight of the toy is mmm.

This is a wonderful and cost effective orgasmic multitool. It excels in so many different ways and provides such an astounding range of pleasure that I find it hard to say enough good things about it. In short, this is a very nice dildo for both men and women.

Overall, I love how versatile this toy is - temperature play, fun with or without a partner, great texture. Glass is probably my favorite sex toy material since it is nice and slippery + so easy to clean.

This is the THE toy for the glass toy lover, and a good way to break into the world of glass toys for those who have yet to try them. It is a little girthy for beginners, but be something to work up to in time.

This is just an amazing toy to add to your collection. This dildo is worth getting and at least trying because it's easy to use and clean, it perfect for the shower and bath. A glass dildo is worth trying, especially the Icicles Brand because the are sleek and unique and they will last a lifetime.

Icicles #18 is both beautiful and wonderfully effective as a G-spot toy, and probably as a P-spot toy as well. You probably won't feel the nubs on the shaft, but you will feel #18's deliciously bulbous head.

I am absolutely in love with this toy, and it has a permanent place under my pillow. I have never been so pleased by anything, including a real cock, as I am by this. Its elegance, beauty and design make this toy a must have for all glass/texture fans.

This is a great price for such a pretty and well made dildo. Glass is the highest in material safety and is low maintenance. This really is a beautiful hand blown creation. Don't let the weight scare you. It really is a nice weight for massaging the g-spot.

This lovely hand-blown glass dildo feels delightfully heavy in your hand and provides intense G-spot stimulation from only minimal movement.

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