Icicles No. 18 - double ended dildo by Pipedream - review by Tuesday

When 18 is less than 17

Icicles #18 is both beautiful and wonderfully effective as a G-spot toy, and probably as a P-spot toy as well. You probably won't feel the nubs on the shaft, but you will feel #18's deliciously bulbous head.
nicely shaped head, beautiful, great G-spot stimulation
no storage bag
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I said in my review of Icicles 17 that I planned to name each Icicles toy that I reviewed. But sadly, this one just isn't thrilling me like Icicles #17 did. The name I've given this is Not Seventeen.

I freely admit that this is an unfair name. Not 17 is actually a decent G-spot toy. More than decent in fact.

Material / Texture

Not 17 is made of pyrex glass, a wonderful, easy care material. The shaft has nubs all along it, but its the head that you'll be pressing against your G-spot. Perhaps because my G-spot isn't far inside me, I don't notice the nubs at all. The Rainbow Nubby Wand's nubs bothered me, but I'm fine with Not 17's nubs.

I don't believe the nubs will cause a problem for anyone except perhaps those who plan to insert Not 17 far inside themselves.

Design / Shape / Size

Icicles 18 has a curved shaft. While I had assumed that there wouldn't be much variation from one unit to the next because they fit so tightly in the styrofoam packaging, I can see from comparing my Not 17 with another reviewer's pictures that there can be significant variation. The shaft of hers curves much more sharply than mine. The curve on mine is exactly like the photograph on this site. If these differences matter to you, know that they exist. This is probably inevitable since each one is handmade.

The head of my Not 17 is 4 7/8 inches in circumference, just slightly less than the circumference listed on this site. This may be just a difference from rounding. With its big head and relatively narrow shaft, it reminds me of the Pure Wand. This toy is actually not a bad imitation of the Pure Wand as far as sensation, although its much lighter and easier to use.

The shaft curves (to varying degrees apparently) and has blue nubs along it. The handle consists of two spheres, one after the other. The outer one has a beautiful red flower inside it. The flower is transparent and resembles a sea anemone.


The first several times I tried Not 17 were absolutely lackluster. I admit that I wasn't feeling well though. More recently I've tested Not 17 under more ideal conditions. It worked quite well. It really does deliver good G-spot stimulation. It just suffers from arriving in my toy box right after Icicles 17. Under good testing conditions, where I feel rested and well hydrated, Icicles 17 still offers more sensation.

I'm afraid I must stick with the name Not 17 for this toy.

And to clarify, there is nothing wrong with Not 17 as a G-spot toy. Its a good toy. But I tested Icicles 17 under non-ideal circumstances too and it was fantastic even then. So if you're only going to buy one, you know which one I recommend over the other.

Care and Maintenance

Not 17 is marvelously easy care. Simply wash and towel dry after use. It can be warmed under the faucet or in warm water before use, or cooled in a bowl of cool water.

It doesn't come with a storage bag, so either keep it in the box it came in, invest in a storage pouch for it, or use a sock or other protection to keep it safe.

Any lube is safe to use with it.


It comes packaged in an attractive box with a front panel that opens to allow you to see the product. Inside is a styrofoam block with a cutout in just the right shape to hold Not 17 securely in place. If you like boxes, this will make a nice storage solution for you.


Since I started writing this review, I've recovered from my illness and have had a chance to try Not 17 several times under optimal conditions. Its great. When done right (when you feel good, are well hydrated and have just had some clitoral stimulation) Not 17 can be terrific. Even when just two of those preconditions are met its quite good.

I'm finding that I like Not 17 more the more I use it. It really is quite a capable toy.
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