Icicles No. 18 - double ended dildo by Pipedream - review by Loriandhubby

I cream, you cream, we all cream with Icy!!

When does an Icicle make you melt? When it is a Pipedream Icicle! Whether you are new to glass toys and G-spot exploration or an experienced user, this versatile curved Icicles #18 is sure to be one of your favorite toy box additions. What's more, the sheer erotic beauty that this glass toy provides is an extremely visual indulgence for the giver or partner. This toy proves once again that it really is as good to give as it is to receive.
Classy, Sensual Elegance, Versatile, Hand Blown Glass, Can be Shared.
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No matter if you are a newcomer or a pro to the world of glass dildos, the Icicles #18 by Pipedream is sure to hit all the right spots and leave you returning for more. This toy is perfect for any situation. Use it alone, with your partner, in the shower, or in the hot tub. Be creative and follow where ever your pleasure may lead!

Glass toys are safe to use with any type of lubrication, and experimenting with different types gives the glass a different feel when used. Try silicone for a slippery and gliding feeling, or switch it up and use no lubrication in order to feel the friction and resistance as this toy is thrust in and out.

When the time is right for a little more girth, this Icicle gives the added feature of a dual bulbed end. This end, when used vaginally, sends quivers up your body as it pops in and out of your vagina. These dual bulbs acts as a stopper, so this Icicle can be used anally. Use caution as, with lubrication, this toy is extremely slippery and hard to hold onto.

Glass is a fun medium for sexual aids. It is slick and ultra smooth, but this is a very rigid material with no give. Therefore, thrusting this toy hard may bruise the pelvic bone and cervix.

Another wonderful feature of glass toys is its use in temperature play. The glass/pyrex has excellent insulating properties that allows heat and cold to radiate from it for extended periods of time.

If you think this is just a "HERS" toy, think again. Try using Icicles #18 on your partner's sensual areas during temperature play and share the experience. Believe me, you won't be sorry!
  • Where
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    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • Anywhere
    • Bedroom
    • Tub/shower/pool
  • Features
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    What kind of features does this product offer?
    • Curved
    • Duel head
    • Texture
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • G-spot
    • Anal
    • P-spot

Material / Texture

This exquisite Icicles #18 is made of hand blown borosilicate glass ( like that used for Pyrex cook wear ) making the finished product much less dense. Pipedream's manufacturing process utilizes beads which infuses with the glass. This creates a much sturdier and safer product that is resistant to shattering and breaking. Therefore, if this toy were dropped or broken, it is less likely to shatter into small pieces but rather larger chucks and are less likely to cause injury. In addition, Pipedream has won 10 awards in the past three years including manufacturer of the year. Rest assured, when you purchase your own Icicle, you are receiving a high quality item.

Glass toys are one of the slickest and smoothest toys on the market. Your glass toy will never stain or smell! Glass is known for being 100% hypo-allergenic, latex free, and phthalates free. Glass is non-porous and scores a perfect 10 on the safety scale. Please remember to PLAY SAFE! Always, for your protection, add a condom to your toy when sharing between partners. Although it is not recommended to share any dildo with your partner, in the event you do, sterilization is a MUST and can be achieved with rubbing alcohol or a 10% bleach water mixture.

With glass, there is no need to worry about which type of lubrication will be safe for your toy because ALL lubricants can be used safely. As an added bonus, since glass is non-porous, your favorite lubricant will last longer.
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The Icicles #18 by Pipedream is sure to please a variety of tastes with its tapered head, small bumps on the shaft, a double bulb end, and a 60 degree curve. All of this makes Icey a great toy to use for stimulation of the G-spot, clitoris, anal rim, and P-spot. If it is hot you want, just warm this Icicle up, and it will hold and radiant heat. Switch it up with a bit of cold for a whole different sensation. No matter if you are pro or a newcomer to the world of glass, the #18 is sure to hit all the right spots and leave you returning for more.

Icicle #18 is elegantly crafted from hand blown glass, which is adorned with deep blue bumps and a deep red flower in the end bulb. There is no need to worry about the life of these colors. They are blown into the glass rather than painted on, which allows them to remain vivid for a life time! With these lovely features, your partner is sure not to feel left out of the fun. They will enjoy the erotic tantalization of their senses as they watch it being used.

Item Girth:
4.75 in.-(121 mm)
Item Circumference:
5 in.
Item Weight:
10.5 oz
    • Partner play
    • Whimsical / artistic


Pipedream's innovative Icicle #18 provides a wide variety of uses and sensations. The gentle curve of its shaft hits the G-spot with ease. With a push or pull of the bulbs, the pressure can be adjusted to the area to help ensure female ejaculation each time. Due to the unique nature and design of each of us, these results may not occur with everyone while using this product. With Icey's 5 inches of insertable length, no matter how high or low your G-spot is, Icey can reach just the right spot. This piece can also be used to stimulate and milk the P-spot. When using anally, please be aware of the size and texture that comes with this item. Always be sure that you or your partner is comfortable when using this toy anally in order to ensure an easy going, yet pleasure filled anal experience!

In addition for added stimulation, the shaft of this toy is covered with small bumps providing a nice texture when thrusting. For those new to texture, like myself, these bumps are not overly raised nor did they cause any sort of discomfort. Of course due to the nature of the body, each individual may react differently to the texture. The texture along the shaft can also be rubbed across your clit and anal area for a whole new sensation. Be creative. These bumps can also provide stimulation for your male partner's scrotum and anal rim.

Glass toys are slicker than other toys, which allows easy insertion and also faster, smoother strokes during use. Due to the rigid nature of glass and its slick surface, caution should always be taken to ensure that no bruising of the pelvic bone or vaginal tissue occurs. Remember, communication is key to ensure that your partner is enjoying the way you are using toys.

Try something new. Maybe play with a blind fold on. Let your partner and Icey make you melt with its tapered tip, which is great for pinpoint stimulation during temperature play. Switch and use this on your partner to share the bliss.

Lastly, this item features a double bulbed end, which can be used for stimulation or a handle. For stimulation of the clit or your other sensitive areas, this toy provides a slick and smooth texture with any desired amount of pressure available. The bulbs can also be inserted vaginally for those who enjoy a stretched feeling of the vaginal rim. It also makes a very nice popping feeling and sound while being used this way. As a handle, the bulbs allows you to take control for individual or couples play. It can even be used to twirl Icey inside of you similar to a juicer but for your vagina!

With Pipedream's Icicle #18, the possibilities are endless as you let your imagination take you for a ride!

Care and Maintenance

Made of hand blown glass, the Icicles #18 is listed as a 10 on the material safety scale. It can be washed with soap and water, a 10% bleach and water mixture, cleaned with your favorite toy cleaner, or placed in the dishwasher. Then simply pat dry with a soft towel and store in a padded container.

Although Pyrex is know for its ability to withstand high temperatures, it can break or crack under extreme temperature changes (hot to cold, cold to hot). To reduce this risk, avoid heating your glass toys in a microwave, over open flames, or over heating or spa stones. Besides the possibility of breaking your toy, heating with these methods can increase the chances of burning your most sensitive areas. As a comparative, a hot tub is recommended to not exceeded 104 degrees. Skin will burn in 0 seconds at 190 degrees, and water boils at 212 degrees. Also, avoid putting Pyrex glass in the freezer, ice cream truck, grocers freezer, or outside in the winter. Frozen glass can stick to the skin or crack if thawed out too quickly. Play safe, and always test the temperature of this toy on the inside of the wrist prior to use.

For temperature play, it is recommended to slowly heat up or cool down your glass toy rather than popping it in the freezer or in the microwave. To heat up, your toy takes about 30 minutes. Simply make sure your Pyrex glass is at room temperature before starting. To start, submerge it into a large bowl or pan in very warm tap water for about 10 min, then drain 1/2 the water, and add boiling water. Let it stand for 20 min or less (depending on desired temperature of the glass). To cool down Icey, use the same process as you used to heat it, only substitute cool tap water for the very warm and ice water complete with ice cubes instead of boiling water. This process should also take about a half an hour. Taking the time to properly heat/cool down your piece will ensure that it lives a long and happy life in your toy box.

Although these toys are designed to last forever, they are very slippery when wet, soaped up, or lubricated and could be damaged if dropped onto a hard enough surface such as porcelain or tile.
    • Easy to clean


As always, my order was shipped in EdenFantasys plain cardboard box with no stickers or labels that might hint to what is inside. I just love this feature because I never have one of those very embarrassing moments with the delivery person. Also, EdenFantasys ensures that your items will not be damaged during shipping by packing the boxes with care.

The Icicles #18 came packed in a stylish and professional looking box, which has a flap on the front. When opened, this flap reveals your beautiful glass toy. Inside this box, the item is nestled inside a form fitted foam insert. Since this toy does not come with its own pouch, this foam can be used to protect your toy during storage.
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable


The G-Spot and Female Ejaculation...Urban Legend or Fact?

We have all heard stories about the G-spot with its amazing intensity during climax and female ejaculation, and I must admit I have never believed it. It is sort of like Big Foot, even with eye witness testimony and photos you still don't really believe it.

Throughout our 17 years of marriage, Mr. and I have tried several times to find the ever elusive G-spot with no luck. Mr. was not ready to give up though. When the time came for our first dildo, he was set on a G-spot stimulator. Mr. spent hours on EdenFantasys reading reviews trying to find just the right piece. Once the decision was made, he was filled with anticipation for its delivery. I, on the other hand, was very skeptical and to be frank thought he was a nut! We had never used a toy before, and now he wants to poke and prod around there for some crazy spot. My head was starting to swim, so I pushed it all back and went with the flow for my Mr. "We will see", I thought.

So is it a Myth or Fact? Will this Urban Legend ever be laid to rest?

Since receiving our Icicle #18, we have experimented several times with it. Each time truly is a whole new experience.

Day 1
When first seeing this toy, I didn't even think it would fit or be comfortable. I sneaked off to the shower to try it out by myself. I was surprised that, although this piece is rather large looking and heavy feeling in my hands, it slid in with ease. Within a few minutes of poking around, I found a spot that gave me the sensation of needing to pee. Was this the right spot? I was very confused and embarrassed, so I quickly jumped out, put it away, and went on with my day.

Later that night, Mr. was very anxious to try out our new toy. He had been researching glass toys again and the g-spot and was sure he could find it now with Icey's help. After applying a bit of water based lubricant, the tapered head just slipped right in. I was sort of shocked that I could not feel the little bumps hurting. All I could feel was a nice sensation as it went further inside of me. As it slide in and out of me, there was a sort of resistance and friction feeling along my vaginal rim, and I must say it felt great. Honestly, it was like nothing before in my life. It was firm, hard, and very erotic feeling. Although I really enjoyed all of this, I felt mostly like we were messing around. Icey was tossed to the side for another day.

Day 2
Mr. is still not giving up. You have to love his resolve. With silicone lubrication in hand, he convinced me to try and find the spot by myself while he watches and gives me pointers. OH MY... Have we lost our minds? I gave in to his pleas (well, that is what he thinks anyways) and gave it a shot.

The piece had a good length to it, and I was able to easily hold it in my hand and still thrust and move it around without stretching my body all out of whack. It felt much smoother with the silicone than it did the day prior with the water based lubricant, and this time I did not notice the texture on the shaft. Following some pointers from Mr. and trying my best to relax, the strangest feeling came over me. The hard, thick, and heavy feeling of Icey was very pleasing. Its curved shaft was hitting that spot again. All of the sudden, you could hear the wetness, and Mr. was getting splashed with juices. Could it be true? Was this really a squirt or just a fluke?

Day 3
Mr. really enjoyed watching the show the night before and was eager to see if the same results could be achieved again. This time he left the lights on so he could see how pretty Icey is. After warming up our new toy in water, Mr. experimented with stimulating my sensitive spots by using the tip of the head to teasing my nipples and little box. Then he fit the curved shape of the textured shaft around my perineum area. The bumps felt so good rubbing across my lips and anal rim. All of this left me begging to feel Icey inside of me, and Mr. was more than happy to oblige.

After a few hours of playtime what shall I say? I am here to tell you the Urban Legend has been laid to rest for me!! Ladies, the G-spot does exist. How can I say this for sure, you might ask? Let me tell you about the rest of the night, and you can decide for yourself.

Icey is a dildo with amazing versatility, which allowed Mr. to use this toy in so many different ways. By the end of the night, my head was spinning. With the bulbed end, Mr. had a great handle with which to take control. He could easily thrust, rock it back and forth to hit my G-spot, and even twirl it around like a juicer for your vagina. The best feeling Icey gave me was when Mr. turned it around and used the bulbed ends vaginally on me. The stretching feeling of my vaginal rim was amazing, and the erotic sound as it was popping in and out of me sent my head spinning. All of these feelings were new to me during play time, and I loved them.

While Mr. was trying out all the ways Icey could make quiver, my body did things it has never done in our 17 years of marriage. Four different times I had an orgasm like nothing I had ever felt. I could hear the slurping sound of moisture on Icey as Mr. thrust it on my G-spot, and then I could feel it running down on the bed. Mr. exclaimed, "Oh my gosh, that is a lot". I peeked to try and see what was happening. Mr. had a hand cupped full of white creamy juices. He poured it out on my stomach and began to smear it all over my body. Again and again, Mr. and Icey juiced me as my body gushed all over the bed.

Mr.'s experience was very a very stimulated one as he watched Icey slide in and out of me. The clear glass is transparent and magnifies a bit allowing him to peek into the vagina. Also, Mr. found it very erotic to see the juices run down and glistening a bit off of Icey's shaft. This combined with feeling the warm wetness on his hand and the sound, Mr. found himself ready to explode without even being touched. I, who usually keeps my eyes closed tight during play time, kept finding myself peeking and was very aroused by what I saw. The flower in the bulb looked so cute in Mr.'s hand. He even rolled me over to see the sexy little red flower in a glass ball peeking out of my butt cheeks. Neither Mr. or I have been visual during our play time, but after playing with Icey our eyes have been opened up to all new possibilities.

For me and Mr., the Urban Legend has been laid to rest. All of the evidence has been seen. The jury says whether you are trying to find a versatile toy for the first time or if you are an experienced squirter, this toy will be great for you. The Icicle #18 has a very firm feeling that is great for those who like a harder thumping or rubbing for the G-spot and vagina. It is super slick. Its shape and texture allows it to be used in so many ways and even shared with your partner. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't enjoy this piece in their toy box.
Follow-up commentary
I am still totally in love with my Icey. It is an amazing toy that delivers. For squirting I have not found anything that compares; except Hubby's fingers. *wink, wink*
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